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Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton;
Sir; thank you very much for sharing the Neothink Literature. I appreciate it. I thank the Neothink Society. We need this kind of movement that will eradicate the dishonest ruling class everywhere. The dishonest people have their networks and they keep on harming everyone. It is the responsibility of the honest people to stick together.
The media is powerful. It is hard to tell who to believe and what to believe. There is so much going on everywhere. Different channels and radio stations have their own bias. They favor the special interest they represent. The ruling class is squeezing the working class. I am a doctor. If I do not get paid for my services, how can I run my clinic. Similarly, if businesses do not have cash flow, how they are going to pay the employees.
This society and TVP movement gives tools to the educated people to enter the arena. In the world, criminals and organized crime have more resources and power and they are hurting the innocent people everywhere. This requires an organized movement to fight these dishonest people.
I will give you my personal example. This is what happened to me (10 years ago in Chicago). I am a doctor. I am no threat to anyone. The ruling class did not like that I was learning more. They started manufacturing cases against me, because I am originally from Pakistan. Up till now, they have not given me the Green Card. I started legally; but the low class people I worked with continuously thought that I did not deserve authoritative position, that I did not deserve a better position. They just wanted me to be lower than an illegal person who crosses the border from Mexico. This is ridiculous.
These low class people made condescending remarks and robbed me of my money, of my promotions, everything. I am attaching EVERYTHING what happened in the hospital. The doctors who were writing recommendation letters for me; just turned against me because they did not like my hard work, my personal growth; they were jealous. This dishonesty goes up to the ruling class. I am trained to be a doctor (Internal Medicine physician) and they have made my life miserable so that I cannot practice Medicine anymore. It has been 10 years and there is no relief. They destroyed my career and now are not letting me back in the hospital. It is ridiculous how powerful the dishonest people are and they help each other.
I do not want to fight these politics anymore. I want to go back to Pakistan. I am practicing Muslim and I felt unsafe here in United States. I am looking which country I am made for, some country in the Middle East or Europe or Australia. I have not wasted my time. I have learned a lot will take all my experience with me wherever I go next.
We have to keep in touch. Thank you very much and have a good afternoon.
May God bless you and your family.


Why are we here? In the larger context…there has to be a reason why we are all here…in this moment in time/place. This greater purpose than ourselves; means that it is ourselves that serves as the primary agent in our own happiness and well-being. We exist to prove ourselves worthy of that greater vision. And the role model fits in with that greater vision of Mark Hamilton: as he exemplifies that vision in person thru his literature and personal example…!
Sometimes…we never know what is offering us until it too late! This feels like one of those moments/times in history.
The evidence is there in Mark Hamilton exceptional way of giving us those teachable moments to transcribe belong our baser selves to that of our nobler selves…former one being that of entrapment of this life…the other being the means of escaping that proverbial grind. And what are we escaping or striving towards in greater vision? Thru Mark Hamilton, we are given the means and mentoring that enables to become who we were truly meant to be. Evolved higher form of human consciousness…with happiness, wealth and security…towards that greater vision of Neothink!