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I have to give extraordinary gratitude & total respect & glory to our founder and also my personal mentor Mark Hamilton-for having the guts to not only create a workable solution & give a firm outline on its worldly implementation..such a feat as grand & truly informing the worlds population about the injustices, outright lies, deceptions, and massive cover-up that ALL RELIGIONS&ALL GOVERNMENTS…hold over the citizens of our world-for the last 3000 years and have perpetually held on to those lies & deceptions to brain-wash & cheat everyone they could to keep the masses down and so GOVERNMENTS AND RELIGIONS COULD WREAK HAVOC ON OUR you ever notice how the 2 seem to work hand-hand with one another–the BS terrorist problem in the Middle East–you know IRAQ-IRAN–All that which most people believe is written in the bible…well that is true…BUT ALSO REMEMBER..that bible & all other bibles of any of the other RELIGIONS..were written, reworded& reformatted to suit their needs—that is to cheat & swindle, con & deceive the worlds population into behaving the way RELIGIONS & GOVERNMERNTS want us to believe–so they all get together & plot how these power hungry-never-satisfied ROYAL SCAMMERS will capitalize & control our lives.. and they’re real sure they keep the LIES & DECEPTIONS are always kept in to us all in CHECKMATE BONDAGE to their CHESS BOARD…our current financial meltdown—MAKE NO MISTAKE HERE–WAS METHODICALLY PLANNED–BY our own FEDERAL GOVERNMENT here in the good-ole USA…the last depression we had in the 1930s—you guessed it–OUR WONDERFUL U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT–taking back the wealth accumulated by others hard work ,blood, sweat & tears–our scumbag politicians & their political agenda..ROYAL SCAM–to take whatever they want from whoever they can get it from–usually its the meek that get taken to the cleaners AND STUCK WITH THE BILL..NOW I LIKE MARK HAMILTONS ROYAL eradicating All laws of ISHONESTY,COERSION,FORCE,FRAUD…AS WELL AS..RELIGIONS & MYSTICISM…eventually these will be our ultimate agendas….FOR now our mentor MARK HAMILTON & THE REST OF US NEO-THINKERS…would like to convert our UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT…into a PROTECTION ONLY the citizens of these UNITED STATES..that will be our MAIN-MISSION to ACCOMPLISH…that is the best plan Ive ever heard of..IT also sounds great to a lot of us worldly citizens of the universe…AND MOST OF US WE WILL SUPPORT MARK HAMILTON& his ROYAL PLAN…MARK HAMILTONS manuscripts have opened my eyes to RE-THINK possibilities possible in this world within the next 10-20 years in the future..making all humans super-rich including the poor..who would not want this? end bloodshed &violence& war.. who would not want this? We would all like to see all people live happy, free & prosperously prospering& science, business, nanotechnology.. moving along unhindered by bureaucratic red tape laws.. moving & value creating for others AS they in turn create value for the rest of our citizens…what a wonderfully beautiful ROYAL PLAN..a plan we could all love & live with


thank you Mark Hamilton for inviting me to join the Neothink Society and for being My personal mentor in the NEOTHINK SOCIETY events. i knew there were more to this life than just working and doing what our leaders wanted us to do without question. you open my eyes and my heart to the Friday night essence which i have been living for quite a few years now. without the neothink society i would be plodding thru life waiting for death, but under you guidance I expect to live for ever. i will now become a productive member of the
neothink society and the world again thank you for all you help sir. Sincerely William j Kyle