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I suppose that I was one of the most skeptic people when I first was introduced to Mr. Hamilton’s literature. The first publication I was sent was hard to comprehend and in fact, pretty boring. I was however, intrigued by the philosophy and the ideas, so





I believe when utilized the Neothink philosophy is the most tangible system for attaining the Highest Human Experience. My only regret is that I did not have access to this knowledge earlier in life. My children will and they will SOAR!!!!

John G Stemberg III



Learning about the Neothink philosophy is the most astoundingly beneficial thing in my life. I have grown by leaps and bounds since first reading Mark Hamilton’s literature and applying it into my life.

What a beautiful life I have created for myself since being blessed with this amazing knowledge. I think everyone should join the Neothink Society and benefit from this wonderful value.

I’m also very thankful for the Twelve Visions Party which I am now part of. We can really make a difference politically and change some of the things that are wrong with society. Wow, what an amazing ability! Go TVP!

Jeff Smith


 “Neothink combines practical business, health, and relationship philosophy to attain a happier life.”

“The Twelve Visions Party provides a much needed alternative to government.”

“Mark Hamilton’s writing is revolutionary and I look forward to my future with the Neothink Society.”

“The Neothink concept of biological immortality is attainable during our lifetime.”

Shawn W.  Los Angeles, CA
Neothink Society Member



I want to Thank you Mark,

I was Tenured out of the Navy in 2003. I had a modest pension and medical coverage for life but no more direction for my career. Receiving your invitation letter was strange but curious and after much debate I returned it to start my learning processes.

Fast forward several years my outward appearance to the world hasn’t changed. I still live in the same house, have a little bit better job but not much, and I drive the same car. However I am extremely happy!

My focus has been on my family and just last night my son, my wife and my son’s girlfriend were talking about her going to school for her career and my wife was worried about what she chose and my son spoke up that even though it would be difficult it was Okay because it was her passion!

While my son has not read the multigenerational manuscripts I have incorporated a number of the advantages into my own personnel philosophy which are carrying over now to my son and he is an extremely happy college student pursuing his dreams.

If there is one point to be made it is that no matter how old you are, you can still be happy chasing your dreams if you understand how life works!


The Neothink philosophy and the many publications, especially The “Twelve Visions Party”, have had a profound impact on my life.  Especially in the areas of getting more accomplished and being a “truth seeker”.  Reading between the lines and lies perpetrated by so called “authority” figures and self appointed “do gooders” for the people.  If more and more people could see through the “matrix” like deceptions we are being fed and educated with, this country and more of the peoples of the world would be prosperous.  We could solve virtually every problem and in a short time frame.  Thank-you Neothink.  Lets hope the powers to be continue to respect the 1st Amendment!  Sincerely,

Dennis A