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Neothink has been a great blessing in my life . For years I couldn’t understand certain things in this world and how some made it and others didn’t . As I started with Neothink my life started to take on a new meaning for living . From how to snap together picture puzzles to choosing the man of my dreams . Presently I found out that I was married to a really mystical , neocheating husband that not only sadden my life , but his on children from previous marriages . Well when the picture puzzle snapped together I now knew what kind of man should be in my life .
To my mentor Mark Hamilton how thankful I’m to you for finding me in the right place and the right time in my life when I thought there was nothing left for  me here in this earthly realm . My journey now with my Neothink family has been such a joy that I now know how to see the true essence of all things and know one is ever going to hurt , steal , lie , cheat , or guilt me into anything any more .
Thank you my mentor for your vision . I’ve been playing and recess is not over for me . Love U Much , Sylvia A