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Mark, thank you for taking me to the next level. The two tools tonight are priceless and I cannot wait to get to work tomorrow. I had already begun using the mini-day concepts and they have worked great. Now, I can spend the next month looking through the eyes of numbers to the essence of the business. Project Curiosity will be my motto. I have begun to use puzzle piece gathering techniques in my personal life as well and since last month’s level one session I have a job and have moved into an apartment this week. I still have to complete divorce court, etc. in Little Rock but know that all will work out quite well for me because I am a value creator. I am interested in hosting a Neothink Society Clubhouse meeting in my apartment and would love to become a teacher of the Miss Annabelle school of geniuses. I know that my Friday Night Essence is to create. Create miracles in the lives of others that will last for generations to come. Please continue to power think with me my future because I love the team work concept in making miracles happen. I want to be a major piece of the puzzle in the Neothink future. Show me how to be the best creator that I can be. Mr. Hamilton – again, thank you for seeing in me what I had forgotten. Thank you for caring so deeply for me and my family. My grandson Darrell Vayne Penn, III needs me and I must help my family to create. Keep lifting me up. Sincerely, Kimberly Joan Murphy (Holmes) PS: I now live in St. Louis, MO (my birth hometown). Miracles do happen when you create them. I have a strong mind and I am so very grateful for the Neothink Society. I see differently now. Bye!



Thanks to Mr. Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society being selected to join the Society is the utmost stimulating event that I have ever had happen to me. Thank you Mark  Hamilton.

After receiving and reading the 3 manuscripts that were written and published by Mark Hamilton I was very able to see that he is true to his name a literary genius. Changes in my life started happening soon after I finished reading his manuscripts. At  first I began to feel better physically .My business started growing beyond belief and is still growing. My home life with my wife and children has become so amazingly smooth that it looks as though it were a fairy tale.

The next awakening that I received after reading and understanding the Twelve Visions Party in manuscript #2 it became very clear to me that the TVP is so simple that I cannot imagine why more of us did not recognize it sooner. It’s probably due to the fact that we all have lived our lives in the bicameral mode until now. This is the point in our training that Neothink takes hold of our thinking. This brings the ten second miracle  to our minds and is available to everyone.

The wonderful thing about the Neothink is that it trains a person to think for themselves. Thinking for one’s self leads us to what is the purpose of life? The purpose of life is to  live happily. This has brought an aura of utopia into my life  as it does to all members of the Neothink Society. It will be a very special day whenever everyone reaches this level in their lives.

The Neothink Society has laid the foundation for the last piece of the puzzle  to be completed. Our forefathers laid the first piece of the puzzle by writing the Declaration of Independence. The Twelve Visions Party will provide the solution for the final piece to be snapped into place.

The future of mankind looks very promising and with the guidance and leadership of Mark Hamilton the transition to a new life will be smooth and rewarding. We need him Mark Hamilton to lead and make sure that our health, happiness and wealth will be available to all during our lifetime.

I am writing this in all sincerity Mark Hamilton. You have my vote and support.



Dear Mark,

I am a very practical person and I won’t participate in something if I don’t get results from it.  I have found the literature, website, mentoring meetings and clubhouse workshops very valuable and enjoyable since 2005.

 The most valuable part of the literature has been, 1) the Mini day Power thinking system that has enabled me to be more organized and productive, 2) the opportunity to broaden my view of how our society could improve.

 The mentoring meetings made it very real to me that together, with your leadership and vision, I and other Neothink members could really make a difference in our and others lives.

 The opportunity to meet and learn from other members throughout the United States on the Neothink website was not only enjoyable and educational; it was profitable for my business.  I gained customers and distributors for my products.

 My passion in life is to help myself and others to be successful in every area of life.  The clubhouse meetings and workshops have allowed me to experience that.  I founded the San Francisco Region Clubhouses and often lead the workshops.

 The final piece of the puzzle that is Neothink is the creation of the Twelve Vision Party.  It is very exciting to me that you encourage members to think about how the country has been run and how we could make a difference by participating.  I believe it is important to take care of our own country now, rather than continue to rescue other countries, thereby wasting our money and people with no results.  The TVP can help our citizens to be more active in stabilizing our economy and helping all of us to be more prosperous.

Thank you Mark for your vision, compassion and caring.


 Sharon Willenborg,