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Hello Mark Hamilton:
With pleasure, here is what I have been learning from the 4 books I have read for the time being and listen over again, the set of CDs: Your Wish is your Command.

That all that has happened to me thus far is self-created. I can undo the undesirable in my life. and re-create what I choose, including extreme Prosperity.
That Honesty and integrity are very important for my welfare and success & for me and all the rest of us to move forward.
That mysticism (the power of outside sources on us)


It’s about time – the rest of our nation, enjoys the most honest, clear thinking I have had the pleasure to know.



Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton
Good day, I am Phil Marshall one of your Canadian apprentice. It is a pleasure to be associated with you. I have found your literature to be very breath taking. I must say I have integrated  tremendously from reading your materials. I have found my Friday night essences. I am in the process of writing some materials which i called gripes. All of these ideas are stemmed from 10 second miracles. Thanks for the up lifting journey. I hope to meet you one day. Keep the good works.

Phil Marshall



I Larry D Williams Sr. will like to thank you for accepting me into your Neothink Society.  It is a great pleasure and I am learning so much from reading the society literature. I thank Mark Hamilton for this opportunity and being able to walk among the winners in life.  I did not know what to expect in the first meeting, for I wasn’t sure if I were ready.  But, I am ready to continue to walk with the winners.
My love is music for I am a bass player in the country music.  I perform with “JESSE BRYANT AND THE COUNTRY OUTLAWS”, for we trying to get an record deal with 17 of our orginals songs.  Please review “” for I know you will love what you hear.  We are love by everyone that hear us and looking for the right record deals to take us worldwide. I want to get involve in everything that the society have to offer, so please keep me inform.

Larry D. Williams Sr


Dear Friends
With pleasure that i give my testimonial about Mark Hamilton.
When I received the books I felt really happy, also my family was happy and my life changed because I became the person that i wanted to be.
I believe that Mark Hamilton is a good person and his books, his movements, just make us walk forward. Why stop his movements if it doesn’t make any bad to no one? Just good.
This guy, teach you in his books, only how to be a good person, respect everybody, to be honest, and live your day as it was your last day. How come a guy like this be a bad person? For my family and I, he just has been very good .
Please don’t stop this business, because a lot of people are happy having him as mentor.
Please don’t silence my mentor.


Today, another anticipated pleasure unfolds as I further realize the profound values contained in the mind of The Neothink World’s founder, Mark Hamilton, and also the minds of those who have begun to integrate those values into their lives, and those whom they come in contact with. Humanity, please be informed, that the entire spectrum of human values; past, present, future are valuated within The Neothink World.



Mark, I would like to say how pleased and happy I am to be a part of this movement. I am so excited about the Twelve Visions Party and look forward to its announcement to our Country.  It will be wonderful to see all the positive changes that will take place in our country as well as the world.

I have so enjoyed being a member of Neothink; I have learned so much and made so many great friends.

I look forward to seeing all our dreams come true and to do the right things for our country as well as set an example for the rest of the world.  Your work has been outstanding it has been a pleasure to study, and has already helped so many people.

My Clubhouse Administrator Daren has been very supportive and a great friend to me.  I know there is a lot to do and I will help in every way I can. I look forward to meeting you soon. Thank you for all your hard work and the Sacrifices you have made.  Sincerely,  Nancy H


I spent 20 years in the Navy and the recruiting statement “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure” was definately true.

After my 20 years I was struggling to make ends meet as my retirement check and restarting my career wasn’t covering my expenses.

Then the freedom came in a letter. From the research I did on the information from the NeoThink Society I was able to anticipate certain trend in the future and find much more prosperous pay.

Now I am stil not satified at working for someone else so I have the confidence to create at my pleasure. I thought the adventure was over but since Mark Hamilton bestowed his secrets upon me I now know the Navy was only a warm-up!


Mark Hamilton and Neothink

Okay let me some this up for anyone wanting to know about Mark Hamilton and Neothink. I have had the pleasure of having Mark as both a mentor and a friend for years now. Mark has a strong sense of right and wrong and sees through the smoke. He has been an exemplary role model in teaching me business and life principles through his Neothink Literature. Time does not allow for me to go into all of what I’ve been taught. So let me share with you what his teaching has allowed me to realize and why Neothink is so important to us.  I was brought up to understand for me to earn money I had to create and provide a quality product or service and then deliver that product or service to society in a timely efficient manner. People we are living in a country with a government that takes our money through taxes and uses our money to control us, establishes regulations that limit our ability to produce and create for society and furthermore live off of us like parasites using our money to give themselves lavish perks, medical and retirement plans all the while trying to convince us they deserve the perks for running our country into the ground. Mark has made me realize that “We the People” have to take the responsibility and make the changes to our country that we may give our family a life worth living. For after all we only get one time through life

Mike L. C.


Mr. Hamilton, just a word of thanks to you, for having us in your heart. From the information about the Neothink Society, that I have read, I am so pleased to learn that you have a passion for “freedom and justice for all”. I can relate to the desire that you made so clear, in your writings, that you want to see our country and our world at peace and our families living without a forceful negative government. Your teachings have shown me the beauty of a strong family life and deep respect for this beautiful land that we live in. It is a pleasure to embrace the Neothink Society. Peggie P