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This is a great privilege for me my time spent getting to know Neothink Society
And what this stand for, the Neothink Society founder Mark Hamilton I received an invitation…and this came
At a time of great need I loved reading so regardless of what waste happening in my life the hurts deceit lies on the job Cannot figure out why certain conditions exist until after beginning to read Mark Hamilton manuscript the truth seen I Became excited for the first time for along time and will never forget this how i felt that this is real people that Think in such great ways,
Which my testimony to this great truth is life changing for me after all that I’ve learned and com to know The effect is lasting and as found great value in living and so much more this is realty ,because of the person iv become their is non other path that can measure up to this standard my children and grand children will com to know There is a true standard I’m not a politician but the TVP which is the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society founder Mark Hamilton Will succeed, because the function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose With the prim law no more rule of man.
Craig D.


Rhetoric, Rhetoric, is what politicians speak, I agree. But what do we speak? Is it truth, love, health, wealth? Mark Hamilton, has a vision to take the politician out of society, and replace them with with a government thats sole puropose is to protect the people,not to run businesses. The people will self govern themselves, to thrive and bring greter value to others quicker as there will be no beauracrats, interfering with the hand of Adam Smith.


Dear Mark Hamilton,

 I have responded to your messages in the past requesting testimonial write-ups.  I am not sure if this is just a mass distribution request to everyone.  In any case, I hope you receive the messages necessary to accomplish your goals.

Personally, I appreciate that you are striving to make the world a much happier and prosperous place for all to live.  It is most definitely needed.  If we (the people) do the service we all love to do (our Friday night essence), there will be an exponential growth in creations, improvement in attitude towards others and service and in general a much nicer world to live in.  Though, I simply cannot understand why anyone would oppose to such a plan. 

However, I would give an “opinion” about something and I hope you are open to it. I want to add I have thoroughly enjoyed the writings of all your books, as I love to read interesting material.  When I read, I know it is the view and story of the writer (and not necessarily my view).  In one of the readings however, (Wallace’s writings), I took notice that his opinions may offend some who do not have an open mind to a writer’s way of thinking. 

Religion and politics are the most sensitive topics and it is very close to some people’s heart.  The media, religious and political sensitive people will “defend “their stance.  Just as anyone will defend what they believe in.

In my opinion, people have a right to believe in what they believe in and if people put others work, or belief down, it may cause some anger and resentment.  For me it is not my place to tell someone that their religion is not working or is more violent than the other.  What I believe in my mind is what I believe; however, I don’t think it will serve its purpose to put it down.

Every religion, politician and media has negative and positive aspects.  It is my opinion that we should point out the positives of each of the three aforementioned and dwell on those aspects.  In fact, that is for everything we do.  I am not, of course suggesting ignoring those things that are causing harm, but in our society, we do tend to hi-light the negatives instead of hi-lighting the positives. By pointing out the good and dwelling on the goods of the service of that religion, politics (politician), it just may soften their need to strongly “defend” their position.

This is only my opinion and felt compelled at this time, to express it.

In peace, harmony, love, freedom, happiness and prosperity,