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Aloha Mark Hamilton,

My name is Clement Paishon. I live on Oahu, Hawaii in the town of Haleiwa. I would like to thank you for the positive of neo thinking, for it helps me overcome many obstacles in daily life. It also helps me to understand the Universe and the God Man that I am. My whole life has a positive outlook now. I also would like to thank you for introducing me to the twelve vision of Neothinking. It applies in my daily values of wealth, health and happiness for me and my Ohana (family), also everyone around me. Again I personally thank you for sharing this Manao (knowledge) of the Secret Society. Again, Mahalo (thank-you) Mark Hamilton.

Your Brother,
Clement Paishon Sr.


I am grateful to Mr. Hamilton and to the Neothink Society because the manuscripts did help me to reevaluate my outlook of where I was and where I desired to be and realize that my way of thinking was holding me back from blessings that God desired to bestow upon me; through persons that he would send into my life.

It did not give me a false hope it only helped me reevaluate my way of thinking toward a positive outlook.

With Gratitude,
E. Thompson



Hello Mark

I have read and listened to some of your teachings though not many of them because of problems.  What I have read has impressed me to the extent that I would like to live the kind of life that can be achieved as described in the twelve Visions.

I have changed a number of my thoughts and actions based on what I have read and noticed a dramatic change in how people around me seem to have a different air about them.  I have a more positive outlook on life and I am much friendlier with others than I have been in the past.  Though I have a long way to go I’ll strive to meet the goals that are needed to achieve the freedoms I desire.  It will be a tragedy to deprive the people in this nation and all other nations.  Mark Hamilton teachings and his written works should not be deprived to anyone.  It is a matter of Constitutional rights.  Freedom of speech, freedom of the press

Keep up the good work Mark


Best regards,

Jerry R