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From the Outer Rim of Human Consciousness
Neothink is all about Integration. What is seen from this outer rim? Within the planetary and human consciousness and all others contained within this primordial soup throughout the Ages are the seeds of knowledge and growth of comprehension possible for the evolution of all that might be formed from these ingredients within our origins.
Knowledge gained from our experiencing all that is in our reality builds over the centuries, and eventually within each age Consciousness is able to bring together different aspects of knowledge, ie. Integrate various puzzle pieces into a Big Picture according to what is focused upon by the individuals concerned.  Certain persons are able to integrate the various puzzle pictures already obtained into what might be called the Superpuzzle of all planetary life and of the universe itself.
This next biggest step of the evolution of Consciousness itself is into the Neothink ability of being able to see the Superpuzzle, to integrate all the Big Pictures into the one Biggest Picture which is of the present to the future. Thus will all our diverse realities be able to be integrated into a supportive, cooperative, and synergistic vision from which will evolve the true Twelve Visions World. The latter vision will take life, if it is able to be understood by the humankind present, willing to give forth the effort and dedication required to literally develop this objective.
The Psyche is complex. Physicality itself is complex, since it is viewed by differing mentalities as either expendable or to be cherished and benefited, derived from the primitive to the present values of groups we have seen rise throughout the centuries. The way things are today has been distorted from our real potentiality of value fulfillment, contained even in each cell on up to the fully formed Psyche of each BEing. When this process has been tampered with, the leap of Consciousness into Neothink has been held back in all but a small group of potential geniuses of our time.
Each century has had its chance to make this leap. Now you have the chance to open this door to self fulfillment and all that means for you yourself, and your fellow human Beings in the present, projecting on into that future civilization…
Just take it and rejoice! Our time is here…Our time is NOW….
Lila B.



“Do you want to learn the secret of all secrets?” I sure did! More than anything else in the world! Even the chance that the author Mark Hamilton and his NT people and their ancient multigenerational manuscripts of knowledge passed down from generation to generation could actually help me to understand the meaning of life was too tantalizing to turn my back on. I decided I had nothing to lose as they even offered a money-back guarantee on their Multigenerational manuscripts so I sucked up my pride, prepared myself for the inevitability that my friends and my family would think I was either nuts or a fool (or both), and ordered the first manuscript.

Could I have actually found the path to the Holy Grail and be on track to uncover the source of all genuine knowledge and power on Earth (as the advertising brochure for the Multigenerational manuscripts tempted me)? Well, I’m going to share with you some of the content of the first Heirloom and let you decide for yourself—let you use your own mind and its rational faculty to see whether I found what I was looking for—what most individuals spend the majority of their lives searching in vain for: “The Truth” aka “The Meaning of Life” itself.

The subtitle I read when the book arrived said: “The Entelechy of Prosperity and Happiness” and then went on to define entelechy (which was great because this was a new word to me despite being a former high-school grade English award winner).

“Entelechy: A realization as opposed to a potentiality” Interesting…It goes on to say the discovery of this ancient knowledge is dedicated to the Producer of Values, the Good, the Innocent…and that “…you can take what all honest and productive human beings have rightfully earned, but seldom take: A guiltless life of prosperity, love, and happiness.”

I began reading in earnest and what came over me could only accurately be called “a fully integrated honest mind-body Ice Age” that stimulated my mind consistently as I read with startling identifications and then integrations, as contrasted with a typical mind-numbing “brain freeze”. In the same way that a “brain freeze” shocks you from your comfort Zone, this “fully integrated honest mind-body Ice Age” snaps you so far out of your comfort belief systems that you begin to enter a new realm of thinking called “Neothink”, simply meaning New Think.

After completing the preface/ introduction to the manuscript, I didn’t have to wait long for the answer I’d been seeking for all 18 years of my existence— The Secret of Life itself. There it was written, in an easy-to read black font on an old parchment-style of paper, plain as day:

“ACHIEVING HAPPINESS is the ultimate moral purpose of human life”.

I HAD found the Holy Grail and that turned out to be merely the tip of the iceberg/Ice Age.

The next 400 or so pages would change my change my life forever. It would teach me to always see the stark contrast between right and wrong, to continually strive for what’s right, to never use initiatory force on anyone else, to teach myself how to question EVERYTHING I’d ever believed, and finally to teach myself how to fulfill the purpose of my life—in essence create a road-map to success, a secret shortcut to the best rewards in life—to a life of Wealth, Health, Peace, and Happiness by creating values for others and society and thus elevating life for all Mankind in the process of achieving my own wildest dreams! Wow! Now that is what I call worth the price of admission!

This manuscript also explained in detail to me how value producers and creators have been unjustly attacked for over 2000 years and what to do about it when I inevitably encounter it in my own life so that I can prosper with unbeatable advantages and genuine power in every competitive facet of my life. Thank HAPPINESS that I took the chance, ordered the book, and began my journey.

Thank-you also to Mark Hamilton and Neothink for exposing to me the Holy Grail!

Finally, to quote the artist Coolio:

“I’ll see you when you get there”.