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Dear Mark,
Before I ever met Mark Hamilton, read his literature, or found the Neothink society and the Twelve Visions Party… my life was a mess. I was extremely depressed and didn’t understand why because I had a lot of really good things going on in my life- two beautiful children and a great husband. Yet, I found myself sad and depressed and wondering why I was here- on earth, what my purpose was and were my life was going. I felt completely worthless.
Since Mark Hamilton found me, and since integrating his literature, finding the NT society and discovering the TVP movement everything- every little part of me as an individual inside and out, and how I view my life has changed. Mark Hamilton has brought me into the light. He has showed me who I am as an individual and the power I posses as an individual. He has shown me the power of the mind. He has shown me that we can use that power honestly to take control of our lives and futures. He has shown me the power of the person and what that power can become when the power of the people join. I love Mark Hamilton as a daughter loves her father. Mark Hamilton is the “father” of this movement. His literature means the world to me. It will not only guide me but my family as well into health, wealth, and full and prosperous happiness. I now know with great certainty that I can achieve great happiness and great wealth. Not only do I know this with great certainty, but I know I’m worth it!! We all are. The Neothink Society has pulled me into another level, another realm of love and power. A level I never knew existed and now can’t let go of. Success of the TVP movement means freedom, prosperity and love not just for me, not just for my family, but for the world as a whole.
If, for some reason Mark Hamilton were to be silenced, his literature erased from the earth, or the TVP movement silenced…that would mean ever growing chaos not only for me as an individual, not only for my family and loved ones, but for the world as a whole. And that ever growing chaos would in fact lead to the destruction of our civilization and our world as a whole. So this movement is the MOST IMPORTANT movement in civilization ever. This movement is the movement to end ever-growing chaos and find and create ever-growing peace and happiness. This movement will change the world.
I know my life’s not perfect right now, but I know I can achieve my view of a perfect life with the knowledge, love, and consciousness I have acquired with the help of Mark Hamilton, his literature, and the Neothink Society. And through the TVP so can the world full of lost individuals.
Peace and love,
Rashelle P.



No one can stop us from doing the things that are in our minds.  They do not realize that our mind can counteract anything that anyone tries to do against us. Also the words of our mouth they cannot control. We need to be positive in everything we think and every word we speak. All we have to do is AGREE that we will NOT be bothered by anyone, that we are FREE to study anything to our hearts content. I cannot believe that this organization is upset over this situation. We are stronger than these people of the world that have not studied the things that we have. They are so ignorant to the power of the mind and have no idea how powerful the mind can be when used in the right way.  Someone pick out a day and a time and let everyone know when it will be, and we will all stop what we are doing, and use our mind to AGREE that these people will completely forget about our organization. You think I am kidding?  I have seen this thing happen before.

Janet C. R

P.S. PEOPLE through the ages have all written about the POWER OF THE MIND. WE just have to BELIEVE.


I have been a member with Neothink Society now for one and a half year. My initial reason to join this group was to meet and associate with people interested in self-improvement in order to reach a fulfilling lifestyle.

In this short time, I have gained tremendous personal benefits in terms of health, personal resources, networking and social connections. I am very intrigued by the sincerity of the group and its members backed by Mark Hamilton’s phenomenal literature. Based on the self-help principal with a vision; his books reach deep into the human need for honesty in order to find the proper connection with universal truth. 

I am fond of being a member with Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society which has given me great insights into the reasons behind my unfulfilled life and only partially realized dreams. It has given me a foundation for structuring my future vision and continues to give me what I need to transform my life into a prosperous, fulfilling and satisfying one. I invite anyone to be part of this wonderful group of Neothink Society people, but if you do not believe in the power of the mind and in the possibilities of manifesting visions among clear-minded and honest people, I guess this would not be the place for you.

As far as you, the Neothink Society, and the Twelve Visions Party are concerned:

What I have gleaned from my studying of Neothink materials is that human beings are meant to be happy in life. The best way for the individual to be at his or her happiest is to create and produce values for society. Everyone should be forewarned that anyone who would interfere with that is essentially anathema to society and the individual. Be wary of anyone who would seek to bring about their agenda(s) at the expense of yours. Human beings no longer need external guidance to survive – they can do quite well without a plethora of external authority figures holding them back.

It is becoming more obvious lately that the politicians in Washington D.C. have no agendas other than their own. We need to start in 2010 to ensure that the term “Career Politician” becomes obsolete. We need a lot of fresh faces in government whose only agenda is the protection of the people and making sure that the governmental environment is suitable for business to prosper.

Warmest Regards,

 Jim Vail