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Over the last few years, I have purchased several books by the Author Mark Hamilton. These books had a depth of knowledge that I have never experienced before. Each one was a masterpiece in it’s own right, and the subject matter seemed to strike a chord within my psyche.
One particular aspect of Mark’s work, centers on the mindset of a child of the past, when one’s thoughts are untainted by prejudice, social status, money matters and other “Adult” thought patterns.
How wonderful to rekindle the essence of our childhood mindset, and to create the conditions for us living each day with a true, adventurous, happy and carefree spirit.
Neothink Literature has been



For most of my life I’ve been in a rut. Spinning my wheels trying to figure out how the pieces fall into place. Mark Hamilton has provide the tools to expand my mind, and understand what it, is I need to take control, of my own life. I’ve never been more Happy in all my days, at least that I can remember.  It’s time to shift the Power back to the people, and let them be in charge of their own existence, to see that we all want the same thing, to be free. And to love one another without prejudice, and to want to lift others up upon the same plain.  
I am greatly appreciative for all the words that have brought me to were I am in life today. Everyone should understand that Mark Hamilton’s best interests lie within their own best interest.  
Thank you, to the late Frank W., and thank you, Mark Hamilton for seeing this through..


It is good to be able to communicate with a renown author who has touched my life in a profound way. The books about life and the universe you have shared with me are of great value. A way of life, if you will, free from bias and prejudice. Placing knowledge in my hands and encouraging me to find my place in this great universe is no crime. Do not be discouraged, neither be dismayed, for honesty and integrity are not, could never become obsolete. The day is approaching and ushering in the freedom of mankind to excel and become what we are meant to be. Your books have enriched my life with treasures which cannot be stolen or destroyed. I am sure that speaking for myself and others “You are right on time, Just in time, and forever loved.
Deborah S