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Dear Mark,

Thank you, Mark, for your genius in creating the TVP. You give us hope, confidence and the ability to meet people with like minds. Without you we could not have the TVPNJ launch which was a one-in-a-million experience. The convention center vibrated from all the energy that was in the room. It was both fun and informational. We met and learned about our leaders and met so many TVP members but the most exciting moment for me was finally seeing and hearing you. Your message and your presence albeit through the internet was mesmerizing and we were all concentrating so intently that you could have heard a pin drop. I cannot wait for TVP to be in every states. We need TVP to once again give the citizenry the life that we all deserve.

I am honored to be a member of TVP and Neothink Society. It certainly has added a wonderful dimension in my life.