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My name is Bertice Hopkins. I am a Neothink member. I must share with the world the priceless value I receive being a Neothink member. Now it is a challenge for me to even put my feelings into words Only because my feelings and love goes beyond words for my mentor Mark Hamilton and my Neothink family. I must tell you before I joined the Neothink Society I was at my wits end sinking deep into a hopeless depression I have always felt I was here on this planet to do great things on a global scale I knew that inside I was something yet to be revealed I knew I held a might that has been waiting to be unleashed and a love that was pure in its essence which is the power source to all things. But these things I knew and what depressed me was others where not like me and when I say that I mean I always knew there was something more to life than what was presented before me it was always something missing in my life and the world as I knew it at that time


Mark Hamilton is one of the most honest, loving, life lifting & wonderful individuals living on this planet.
This man stands for fully integrated honesty!!! His multi-generational manuscripts changed my life. It awakened me from a deep sleep and guiding me toward
the life I was meant to live and forgotten about.
His writings can do the same for anyone!!! It’s a priceless value to experience a more meaningful life, the most meaningful life!
The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is the only way to reach a real paradise on earth and end the current confusing, upside down, stagnation filled, painful life most people live.
The Neothink Society is a unique place where one has the chance of meeting people whom they can connect with on the deepest of levels! Everyone should come and try to
experience it for themselves!

If anyone tries to block or stop the movement and success of TVP and the Neothink Society it must be based upon lies and illusions. We should always stop and ask ourselves “Ok, that’s what he says but what is the benefit and intention behind it? What does such a parasite gains and what do all the people really receive?
If TVP doesn’t succeed it’s simply Good Night and Goodbye!!! I personally don’t even want to consider or think about what would happen in that case!!!

Long live Mark Hamilton, TVP and the Neothink Society!

Happiness, Peace, Health, Wealth, Love and Prosperity awaits all of us once the TVP succeeds in its mission!