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The power of Neothink removes psychological endgames between foster families, extended families and the entire household, and it unites all families with the concepts of love.

In today


Mark Hamilton,
I want to express my thanks for everything that you have done thus far during my apprentice period.


Hi all, Wonderful to be ‘hear’ ‘home’ w/ U all once again. As I look ahead at the next few days, & realizing that people will be stopping & pausing over how life should be, contrasted with how it is, during beloved moments while spending precious time sharing with those most important to their personal family life over Christmas. By this time next week it will all be over, and many will have rejoined their own work-routines, wherein joy & the greatest pleasures in life will be once again set on the back-burner for a few more months, while they feel the pain of powerlessly wasting through the bulk of the days & hours of their spiraling mortality. Who even can predict for certain about the conditions that are now evolving with enough certainty, to say for sure whether there will ever even be another Christmas holiday? Here’s to enjoying every moment in our sharing with others, privileged through Mark Hamilton’s successful efforts to reach us, now knowing we do not have to rejoin the illusions that are so ubiquitous to the vast numbers of others who will also learn this year. Cheers, to stimulating all those we come into contact with wisely during these important hours we might never see… May the new ubiquity we bring consist only of Prime Law Wealth, Health & Peace … Love, & love of life to us all, ~Whade Halifax, NS.


There are truly trials and tribulations that man goes through and nothing is ever easy especially when you have to make ends meet, put it this way, the whole current global nonsense system is all designed for failure because as the riddle goes it only benefits a wealthy few, we are all humans and we will never be perfect that is why we call ourselves


As soon as the Prime Law becomes a legislature of the U.S Constitution, that will bring about change to eradicate the ruling class, CHANGE in TVP language means eradicate the ruling class and Make all the people rich including the poor. How do you make all the people rich? By simply getting rid of the ruling elite of oligarchs and bringing the innovative wealth creations to the public poor through the great replacement program.


Mr. Mark Hamilton

This is Don Kerns one of your apprentice’s at Neothink Society.

I just watched your 15 minute video on the Twelve Visions Party

and The Prime Law, I must say that you delivered this message with

greatness and intensity.

I will send this video to everyone I know and also to Face book, Twitter and several other

social networks.

Again thanks so much for this great video and have a great evening,

Don Kerns


Hi Mark Hamilton,

Thank you for your 3000 years secret (prime law) video, today I listen 2 times, after watch your video i am feeling very good than other day. I don’t know why , because I am not happy person like other Neothink member, very struggling person than any one, but today I am just feeling better. Although every day I am reading prime law several


Dear Mr. Hamilton

- First I thank you for your books. I have read over twelve of them including Ms Annabelle.

- Second because of you I have (After 60 years)

discovered my Friday Night Essence


- So far one book is published.

The Ripple Effect (Count Down to Freedom)


Thank You Mark

Myself, Barbra, Jill, Judi and Bruce watched your video Wednesday night. While you were reading the Prime Law I was reciting it and tears were welling up in my eyes, and as you started talking about me the tears flowed down my cheek, I have never been so honored in my life, I will never be able to repay you for the wonderful feelings I had while watching you reveal the 3 thousand year old secret. Thank you!


Many thanks to Mark Hamilton for keeping I and my family motivated to change this world into a Happy, Value Creative Neothink Society where the humans can become rich and even the poor!!!!!