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My name is Jonathan Gonzalez and


I would like to thank Mark Hamilton for giving us the means to lift the world to new heights of Wealth, Health and Peace.

I would also like to thank the politicians and the ruling class, for bringing to us, the American people, Visionaries and mentors, many of those you have

committed initiatory force upon in the world.

They will not find rejection, hate and exploitation here.

They are a gift of great value to us, Thank you for bringing us together.

We will love and embrace them even though they look, think and act differently than us.

They are our people now. They no longer belong to those who would use them to their advantage for further exploitation.

They belong to the non-ruling class as most of us do here.

They came here with their dreams of a prosperous and happy future.

Their children still have love and hope to be who they were meant to be in this new land, It shines in their eyes and lights up my life.

I vow to my very soul, you will not exploit them, make them slaves of more initiatory force than they have already endured, or steal their values.

You will not hold them back from the creative and meaningful life they deserve.

You will not continue to deceive them with the empty promises you made to them, simply to get their votes and leave them in stagnation and defeat.

We the visionaries and good people of America will show them that the true path to freedom is within each one of them.

We will show them how the Prime Law of protection will forever guarantee

them that freedom, to create wonderful lives, loving relationships and come to know true brotherhood with their fellow man.

No, you will not steal their wealth, damage their health and cause them turmoil and conflict in their lives to destroy the peace and safety they should feel in their everyday existence. We will instill the Prime Law of protection in their minds and hearts.

When they realize that they need no one to tell them how to live, what to believe and what choices to make for their own benefit, then they will help us to make it the law of the land.

Those of the ruling class, who seek to rule and keep us down, will be the ones rejected, hated and exposed for the evil and suppressive people they really are.

Soon the entire world will be aware of the illusions and lies they have perpetrated against us for far too long a time.

We have never needed


TO: Mark


With more than 37 Governors and 37 U.S. Senators open for you, the Electra, to choose from on this Nov. 2 election,


The fundamental essence of government is to protect its people from initiatory force.

It was America that dramatically advanced the evolution from the rule of man (a monarch) to the rule of law (The U.S. Constitution).


Mark Hamilton: Thank you for reinforcing that all people have the right to fulfill their goals in life. Due to the The Neothink Society Prime Literature and The Prime Law (The Twelve Visions Party), I finally understand the value that each human being offers to society. I now respect each human being for the value they can bring to society. We all have the right to prosper and live happily. I now get it. Thank you, Mark Hamilton, Thank you, The Neothink Society….
Thank you, The Twelve Visions Party
Steve Fagan


Dear Mark Hamilton!

Just a word of thanks, for waking up our minds and making us dream again, as we all know our world needs change and this is the best way that can be accomplished. My mind and


I have been philosophically aligned with Neothink and the Prime Law since I was first exposed to the writings of Mark Hamilton and others over 20 years ago.


Dear Mark Hamilton,

I want to thank you for what you are doing for our world. Your visions in the Heirloom Packages were exactly what I have been looking for. The Twelve Visions Party I believe will turn our world around for the poor and the elderly. I know that your literature has helped me tremendously with making decisions in my life. I was able to start my own business and get involved with 2 home base businesses as well as work a full time and part time job. I have come a long way financially.

You are a wonderful person with a vision for the world like no other that I have ever come across in my 50 years. I truly believe that the Prime Law Protection only budget, will bring America back to the life that our fore-fathers saw in their visions.

Mark Hamilton I believe in you and your mission and I am behind you 100%…Keep up the good work for the people!!
You are a beautiful, caring, giving, loving man and for 30 years you have worked vigorously at making life full of Health, wealth and prosperity to all!

I Love you Mark Hamilton

Teresa N
Elkton Maryland


Dear Mark,

I want to thank you for the opportunity I and others have been given to be a part of the Twelve Vision Party.