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As the minutes go by, I am realizing more of the building of my greatest desire, from about age 14, which was and is to developed an efficient mental state that would allow me to achieve whatever value I choose to set as a goal. With the “Prime Law” as my Guide and my integrating other Neothink-Science to my life, I am confident, counter-productivity, is not an option for me. With an exhilarated disposition, thank you, compassionate and brilliant man; Mark Hamilton.



As Mark Hamilton reminds us… “The purpose of individual human life is to prosper and live happily. To retain growing prosperity and happiness is to remain independent, self-sufficient, and commercially productive. Productivity is the building block for prosperity, love, and happiness”.
Remember, whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting. You become AND attract what you think. Thoughts equal creation. You attract your dominant thoughts. Choose your thoughts carefully… you are the master of your life, therefore focus on reality, seek facts in full context, organize self, life, and work towards profitable actions. Ask clear questions and listen carefully. Value time and use it efficiently and profitably. Anticipate and then strive for achievement. Seek to understand fully and contextually before judging.
Understand but don’t dwell in the past, live in the moment, the present, and be ready to shape the future. Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift.


I think one of the things people miss about the literature offered by Mark Hamilton is that there are actions that need to be taken in order to enjoy the success that is described.

If a person honestly reads, and then -acts- on the techniques taught they will see radical improvements in their performance, either in their own business or where they work for someone else. Even if you only employ the techniques and forgo the rest of the stimulating and invaluable insights and breakthroughs your life will improve. You will begin to understand the way the brain can be operated to reach, and even seemingly surpass its capacity.

Finally, if you are someone who decides to employ the techniques, be warned. The productivity you experience can be overwhelming at first, so just relax, do your best to follow through with the discipline, and try not to fear the obvious success that awaits you by doing so. It can be hard to accept success when you have been conditioned your whole life to believe you are not capable, and do not deserve it. Take a deep breath and keep going forward.

Robert R