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When I joined Neothink, I became aware of many talents I never knew that I had. For example, writing music, doing a specific type of business. I have a profession but I use my other talents.



dear sir,

the twelve visions is the foundation for a free society.

1- people need freedom to choose their Friday night interest to have value for their success in life and to be happy in their pursuit of a profession.

2- the only ones the workers and the general public are the only tax base in America.  Rich people don’t contribute to the tax base.  The rich have a system of write offs from doing big ventures in business.

3- politics and religion has tried to control the public on what they think you should be doing in life situations.  The society tries to open people’s minds  and do some thinking about life itself.

Our fore fathers who first settled  this country would turn over their graves if they knew what is happening today.

Our freedom today has been compromised with this trying to control other countries in our beliefs.

This country should not be in other countries politics or siding with certain countries to fight a war which they have been fighting for generations.

Reading the books the society composed has changed my thinking of things in general.  I would advise people to read the books and see for themselves the value of a better way of doing things.

from gordon