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My name is Armando Vega, two years ago I joined the Neothink society and I bought and read the 3 heirlooms which I have found to be one of the most rewarding purchases in my life. The Neothink Society has helped me overcome personal mysticism which have plagued me throughout my life. I have lived an aimless journey through life not sure about my purpose. After joining Neothink my ability to integrate reality and focus on my essence has become a very pleasant achievement. There is more desire and hope in my life then ever before, my actions and not my emotions are what drive me. I tend to see things in puzzle pieces and find solutions to problems much better than before. The mentoring I received from Mark Hamilton is priceless and the clubhouse meetings have helped me to be with like minded people in the society. So very helpful to me because of the incivility of the world I live in.

The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is a progressive political party that will one day become a reality, it’s mission to establish a protection only government which will unleash the geniuses of society is the wave of the future. A future which will find cures to diseases and ultimately the discovery of biological immortality.. This will undoubtedly be the greatest accomplishment in the history of mankind.