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An Amazing Journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Trilogy was an Eye Opener..CONNECTING with the child of our Past is Essential. If you Love to Work Hard & Play Hard, than you will Enjoy Mark Hamilton’s Book’s. The Dreamer in Me is AWAKE AGAIN!!! The Business Aspect’s that Mark talk’s about are Dynamic. If you want Tool’s that will work than this is VITAL information.




Hello Mark Hamilton:
With pleasure, here is what I have been learning from the 4 books I have read for the time being and listen over again, the set of CDs: Your Wish is your Command.

That all that has happened to me thus far is self-created. I can undo the undesirable in my life. and re-create what I choose, including extreme Prosperity.
That Honesty and integrity are very important for my welfare and success & for me and all the rest of us to move forward.
That mysticism (the power of outside sources on us)


Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,

For the past three and a half years my life has been filled with excitement and purpose.

Up until three and a half years ago I was stuck in my routine rut of lifeless complacency, with no real hope for a fulfilling life of prosperity and happiness.

Mark Hamilton I want to thank you for your life-saving Prime Literature. This literature has given me the tools and the knowledge that has already changed my life and the lives of many of my family and friends in wonderful and amazing ways.

I have learned so much from you Mark Hamilton


The writing of Mark Hamilton has not only given me the impetus to turn my dwindling life around, but, has provided me the insight and knowledge to set my heart, mind, and soul on a path to ultimate happiness, prosperity, and longevity! I am, and will be, eternally grateful for the wisdom attained from this remarkable man.

The years I wasted in futile fear and consternation around my own woefully inadequate self image, have been replaced with a new confidence and joy in my own depth of vision. I have found the determination to reach for and fulfill my own vision for my life, and those around me. What small wisdom I


Twelve visions party, TVP has shown me that there is freedom for all of us. When you look at the incredible mess that we have financially here in the United States we all know we must deal with the real problem (career politicians) that spend our money with out regard for our real needs; Safety, Freedom and Prosperity uninhibited by tyrannical laws. Mark Hamilton through his Books on Neothinking and the Neothink Society has illustrated the possibilities of a future with freedom and prosperity through the TVP twelve visions party. In an economic time such as now, the peace of knowing that there is another choice we can make is priceless. We all love the United States, the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms and we want her to always be free so we can prosper and live in peace. During the past 25 years I have always voted for the candidate best suited for the elected position and almost every time I have seen repeatedly our freedoms and prosperity taken away in the name of the greater good, special interest groups and the deficit; It is time for a change, we need honest business minded people to run our country and a platform that is for the people, freedom, and prosperity and now we have the TVP twelve visions party, the answer to our common problems (career politicians).

Mark Hamilton and Neothinking have changed the way we listen to politicians, now the truth is easy to see. There are many good Americans that would gladly stand up and make the changes we need and through the twelve visions party they now have a platform and party to accomplish true freedom and prosperity. The Neothink Society through Mark Hamilton


One day, I was just about to give up on everything. — I had had enough of not knowing what to do with my life. I was ready to give up a wonderful wife, two beautiful daughters, and a faint future with little awareness’s of prosperity. — The next day, I received a letter from Mark Hamilton. The letter told me things I’d been waiting to hear all my life. It told me that I was someone of great importance and the words on the letter felt like someone walking up on me, telling me to look at life from another angle. The hunger and thirsts I had for real living grew even bigger. I wanted more! — I ordered the three-books of Neothink and waited eagerly for their arrival. After I finished reading them — and even while reading and absorbing them, I began improving the way I saw life altogether. It’s been five years since I’ve carried those books with me everywhere I go, and my life continues to grow towards Neothinking. Today, I have the power to create my environment. Here’s an example how I use Neothink everyday. — When I’m around other people, no matter who they are — I ask them what color are their thoughts, I see the Neo-think at work around me. I see how easy the Neothink works. It’s fun listening to everyone trying to put a color on their thoughts, their actions, their words. Having the power to see inwardly, is fun! Now, that’s Neothink power. — Thank you Mark Hamilton for sending me that first letter that’s never stopped teaching me to live inside Neothinking. — This testimony is only an example of what I have inside me today.


It is so important for the American people to build upon the whiff of freedom that Mark Hamilton is releasing into the American awareness. There is a slow awakening shown by the Tea Party and others who love freedom that America is being co-opted by parasites who curry favor by offering goodies to the public with no visible means of payment. The payment the political parasites seek for themselves is POWER. Let this become the GREAT AWAKENING that Mark Hamilton and all of his supporters bring to America’s consciousness – that freedom and prosperity do live and do very well indeed without the political ruling class of studied deceit!
John M


Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,
Neothink has pushed me so far on a left and right brain understanding on how the human mind operates. Its without question, If you didn’t come into my life and show me the basics on being a human being, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you so much! I don’t live in the past, present, or future. I live in the NOW! This is a universal way of thinking. With this type of mind frame possibilities are endless. I can go on and on talking but my actions are speaking louder than my words. Your 3 Neothink installments shouldn’t be secrets. They should be in class rooms all over the world! You are the answer for love, peace, and prosperity. Again, Thank you for shedding light on my darkness. As a Great mentor said, LET THERE BE LIGHT!
Your apprentice,
Gregg Flagg


Mark Hamilton Saved my life in 2005 by inviting me to join the Neothink Society. I would die for the information that he and others are trying to bring to a suppressed population, that would foolishly die for the political movement that deceives us every day. As a veteran, I am ashamed that I would have laid my life down to protect the Ruling class that existed then, and now. I welcome the opportunity to walk into the bullet from a bureaucratic gun for the sake of honesty, objectiveness, and rational thoughts, also laissez faire capitalism that only the TVP party can bring about. I am almost dead because of the current government robbing me of food, money, love, and prosperity in this so called free country. I stand and am willing to die for Mark Hamilton, Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, etc for what they, and now I stand for. Sincerely William R Novak Jr.


Hi, my name is Ralph Menchaca. I belong to the Neothink Society, and also belong to Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party. A Visionary, member.
I have read Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature, and I can state that the Literature/Writing’s, create for the reader a limitless amount of Values, and Advantages, that one can use for Personal, as well as for Business, Solutions/advantages/techniques/value/money creations and self-fulfillment. Through the Heirloom’s Prime-Literature, a person generates the power, and wealth, that one may live the life he/she is meant to live, and become the person he/she is meant to be.
The founder of the Twelve Visions Party, Mark Hamilton, invites you, me, members and non-members, the media, and anyone, and everyone of all walks of life, to Join-in the Twelve Visions Party, and see for yourself what is offered, and take advantage, for Wealth, Health, and Prosperity. To make everyone RICH, INCLUDING THE POOR!
As a participating member of the Neothink Society, I acknowledge Mark Hamilton, as a great Value Creator, and contributor of that Value, to the America, and society that we live in today!
There is no illusion here. I suggest that you contact one of the Neothink, clubhouses, for leadership, and to Discover that Something More to life. A new Future awaits you, Join the Twelve Visions Party!
and make everyone RICH, INCLUDING THE POOR!
Ralph Menchaca