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I want to thank Mark Hamilton for introducing me to the opportunity to help my country, friends, family, and the world. I was born into a family of proud Americans. I was taught what it was to be free. It was only in my adulthood that I learned there is another side to that. I was told to stay as far away from the “system” as I could if I wanted to feel free. As time went by I learned that the IRS could destroy you. The tax system is a sham. The people involved will drain you of everything that is rightfully yours by making “Laws”. The court should be named “Hall of Money”, instead of “Hall of Justice” How many times I wanted to make a sign and put it in front of the court house saying just that. The media is one of the worst. We used to have REPORTERS that you could count on. When they reported the news they had researched it and told the TRUTH. Now all they do is destroy lives. They all think we want to hear BAD NEWS. Unfortunately, some people still believe they talk the truth. They manipulate where ever it suits them to


As I passed through life, I swore I would write my story when I reached 80 (if I still remembered everything).  Well, I’m not eighty, but what a journey I am experiencing.  I was one of six children born in the middle of World War II. My parents were beautiful and loving and I felt lucky to be one of their children. Dad was fighting in the war and shot three times before going home. We were raised as proud Americans and very honest people. Were lucky or unlucky enough to trust. We stood up to our word and if we were wrong were strong enough to admit it. Then after 18 years old went out into the world only to discover how hard it really was. People were not always nice or trustworthy. The government was something to stay away from. Taught us how to lie and cheat when filling out our taxes.  As the years passed by and I saw abuse after abuse with children and animals and myself, I went more into religion for an escape from this society. I loved Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit as I could always count of them because I was actually talking to myself. The last few years I learned about the abuse the priest were molesting young boys in their congregation and were allowed to do so with little repercussion. Why would God allow this? So I started doubting the church. The only thing left was Heaven. I wanted to leave this rotten earth so bad that all I wanted to do was go to my mansion in Heaven where everything was Honest and true again. In May 2007 I received an invitation from Mark Hamilton to read an heirloom book that would change my life. He made it sound to interesting that I thought “What the Hay” I’ll check into it. So I ordered the book and read it. It took my about a month. I didn’t understand everything but did absorb it. Then I ordered a second book, read it and was shocked with the honest, eye opening information I read I started feeling better about myself and then the third book flat opened up the world to me. What a shock it was to learn what we are, where we came from and where we are going.  We do have a future filled with honesty and love and wealth right here on earth. The only thing stopping us is the dishonesty, envy, jealousy, that we are living with today. We all have to realize how important each one of us is. Take the time to study the books and meet the best, most honest and truly lovely people we all are.  We are now admitting we have a broken system and all know it but don’t know how to fix it, well now we know how to fix it. We need to take the leap into consciousness and know ourselves. We have a mentor, Mark Hamilton. You noticed I did not say leader, because you don’t need a leader anymore. There are many rotten, dishonest people that we have to overcome to advance into the beautiful future that is awaiting us. All we need to do is stand up to all of the wrong and right it. Check it out for yourselves and you will finally live the life you are meant to live. You are not alone and you are not crazy. You are a very intelligent person and deserve the best of everything.  This is my story and I am happy to be here to tell it. Pat