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Mr. Mark Hamilton,

What an inspiration to create better human beings through our secret society!
As a positive psychologist I wish to share with all of our members the practical methods to improve health and prolong an enjoyable elderly life.
I am offering you my book: “Life, My Own Creation: How to Be Happy”, which I am sure would become, with all of your wonderful books, the true way to create a successful and peaceful world, through the power of our minds.
I am now in the process of revising my book to include my last two courses: “Positive Psychology for Total Success” and “How to Lose Weight Through Positive Psychology”.

I have also been having trouble with the website. I do not have much experience using the internet, so I was wondering if there was another way that I could receive information about, and/or participate in the Neothink Society’s secret meetings.
I am very honored to be a part of this organization.

I hope to hear back from you soon.

Thank you,

Graciela de R


i am learning so much from all the material im reading or listening to. Mark Hamilton is changing the way i look at life and the things around me, mostly my job…i always enjoyed what i do but there seemed to be something missing. a feeling that i could do more. I never went to collage after high school because i had no idea what i wanted from life, and these meetings, and the books iv read have given me that idea…shortly after i became a member i sat and thought about what i wanted or could be good at and decided i wanted to become a psychologist to help others and create values i could be proud of, and i am now going to school to do just that…the other side of my experience is that i was twenty pounds over weight and in just a few months, I’m am for the first time, happy with the way i look…thank you Mr. Hamilton