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Now that I have finally made it to Level 12, and Mentor instead of Apprentice, where do I begin!  
The appropriate place to begin is to Mark Hamilton:  Thanks Mark for all the time, training, guidance, and instruction you have provided over the last couple of years.  Thank you for the Prime Literature prior to that which is the basis of my understanding and vision now.  Thank you for bringing me LIFE and the ability to Neothink!
As a child growing up, I was always the smallest one around, therefore, the one the playground bullies enjoyed the most.  Until 7th grade, I was the smallest of my class (even smaller than the girls) and bullied, beaten, shoved around, degraded at every opportunity.  Didn’t do much for my self-pride, but I did learn to, at the least, protect myself from serious damage; and on a few occasions even made an effort to stand up and be heard.  
My mother was a screamer and beater; it seemed like nothing made her happy!  Dad was the silent type, who sat in his chair with his cigarette and beer and let the world flow by; but somehow we understood that he did love us in his own way.  He was a steel worker; mom was a typical stay-at home mom to raise the kids.  When things got to be more than I could handle with mom’s constant yelling and swinging, I would grab my gun, by fishing pole, my knife, and disappear in the back-woods for hours or days at a time.  Here I learned that the world around us has so much more to offer than the civilization I was being beaten into submission to.  The stars in the country sky; the birds singing in the breeze, the animals scampering in the underbrush … THERE is where I found happiness and life!  
In school I was on the track, soccer and wrestling teams; and did very well.  My favorite sport was wrestling, and I was #6 in the state at 120 pounds my senior year.  I was actually in the running for the 1968 Olympics at 127 pounds; but lost out when I broke my ankle in the semi-finals.  Yes, I was that good, and that close – but again, my accomplishments, my goal, was taken away!
Then, I graduated from high school and escaped as fast as I could into the Navy.  Remember those high school senior days?  Letters almost daily in the mail about “think about the Army”, “think about the Air Force”, etc.  Yup – I was thinking!  In the late 1960s what was going on?  Vietnam!  If I have to do military time (the draft was active then), I’m not going to wait till the government tells me where I fit; I’ll join the Navy!  Then, if I have to go to war, there will be tons of steel around me!  
And, of course, being a snot-nosed kid out of high school, what did I know about a career or my Friday Night Essence (didn’t know the term then, but from dad I learned, if it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth doing!)?  My testing and abilities made me best qualified as a Hospital Corpsman – working with doctors and nurses in the hospital.  At least part of the time; the rest of the time was with the Marines as a front line Medic – ducking bullets and eating mud along with them; providing the emergency care when someone got injured or shot.  Ever watch MASH on TV?  My job was the same as Hawkeye – patching bullet holes and hassling nurses!  The only steel around me was that little pot sitting on my head!  One day I looked at that and thought – where did I go wrong?  Who did I tick off to deserve this?   A field of endeavor I enjoyed, but not in this situation.  
Well, that was only 6 years; the rest of the 20 years of my Navy career was:  3 years in a submarine as doc of the boat; 3 years on an aircraft carrier as assistant surgeon; clinical duties around the world in hospitals and clinics with clinical specialties of orthopedics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, urology, infectious diseases, allergies, immunizations, emergency room, surgical assistant, trainer and/or supervisor, etc.  I served 20 years of patient care, with 11 medical specialties total.  Being a healer was fantastic to say the least.
No longer the one scorned, snubbed or bullied; but the one everyone came to for patching up, easing pain, or just a shoulder to cry on.  I had found my nitch; I thought!
During this time I got married and had 3 wonderful children.  When my first child, my daughter, was about 1-1/2 years old, my wife said to me “I’m tired of playing house!” – and I knew then that this would not last; just like everything else in life.  I held it together for 25 years before I gave up the battle.  Can’t make a marriage when only one cares; and how many times must one hear from his own children “we don’t want you here” before he gets the message.  Another life built, another life taken away; another success/failure – which?
During this time I became very involved in the church.  I was a deacon in 2 Baptist churches, a trustee in another, an AWANA commander for 6 years, on a Christian school board for 6 years.  In the Navy I had worked with orphanages around the world.  With all this, I had over 3,000 who had called me “dad” or “unk”; but my own 3 would have nothing to do with me.  
I gave up and left.  My daughter accused me of being mentally, physically and sexually abusive (all false! Just done in anger).  She married a New York State Trooper, and he and/or one of his classmates were always somewhere watching me.  I got tired of being followed, waiting for me to screw up; so I left the state!  I now live in Florida.  During this time, I was severely depressed and probably should have been in a nut-ward.  Every morning I woke up my first thought was “damn, another day to put up with”.  Then, in the middle of this depression, my landlord’s daughter, a beautiful young teen, came to me and asked to have a talk about my past.  She told me she thought my daughter was a fool for doing that to me, and the comment she made brought me out of that depression and again to search for purpose in life.  She said “Look at me!  I’m not ugly!  If you were that kind of guy, you would have been all over me months ago!  But, you have never done or said anything out of the ordinary.  I love and respect you like an uncle – and your daughter is a BITCH!”  Tara snapped me out of that lowest point in life.  
I moved to Florida.  I have some family here; with my sister, a few nieces, their children, boyfriends, husbands, exes, children, probably about 50.  NONE of them wanted me here!  NONE of them have stepped foot in my home for the 12 years I have been in Florida, the 6 years I have been in my own house.  Again snubbed and pushed aside as if I am the dirt on the sole of their shoes.  

Then, Mark Hamilton found me!  I don’t know why, but I responded to his letters and purchased the prime literature.  I studied and grew in understanding.  Did I learn anything new?  Not really!  But I did learn that the things I believed that made me so “strange” to the rest and unwanted was the way things should be!  I learned that being a self-thinker is a good think!  I learned that setting goals and working hard create positive values for self and others is the ONLY purpose in life!  I again found joy and value in teaching and guiding others in understanding the teachings of the Prime Literature.  
I found that my childhood dream of building a farming community, providing jobs/homes for the homeless, a home for widows and orphans, a school the the children, a community of peace and love was not so unusual after all … there are over 2000 of us here across the nation with the same dreams.  Mark’s 12-vision world is the same vision I have had since the early 1950s.  I even had one beautiful lady with 25 years as an NT tell me – “Finally, someone who has the same vision Mark has!” when she evaluated our A-Team and Clubhouse setup.


I have finally been recognized for my faith, my beliefs, my dreams, my ideals – and Mark has promoted me with the first group of his Mentors!  I am one of the 300, as he calls us.  My business, Florida Space Coast A-Team, is one of the first 31 launched to assist the others.  My partner, Pablo, is more of a brother to me than any member of my family has ever been.  Now I can post on the Educational Board and reach THOUSANDS at once, instead of a handful.  Finally, I am the teacher, the value creator, the essence builder that I have always dreamed of being; and my visions of 5 decades is finally coming to fruition.  
And how did this all happen?  Because Mark Hamilton found me and gave me a chance.  Mark Hamilton had the open arms I had sought for 5 decades!  Mark Hamilton has the same visions and dreams that I have; and together we WILL bring this dream to light in this world of chaos and hatred!  
Charles “Doc” Morris
CEO and Neothink Society ® Mentor
Florida Space Coast A-Team, LLC



Sitting down and reflecting over the past few months, I have realized a lot has changed in my life personally. I have been reading the prime literature daily and I learn new insights every time. The more I understand and apply the tools provided in the books, the more I grow.
After 4 years of grasping the knowledge, I can say I have CONTROL of my life. This is the best feeling in the world. In the last 6 months I have started  my own 2 new businesses. I teach golf and love the game, but I needed more CONTROL to do what it is that I am meant to do. I have gained courage and self confidence to start these new ventures. My creative energy has increased and I’m implementing new programs that I have always wanted to accomplish. I am excited and happy that I’m in CONTROL of my destiny. It is like the straight jacket has been taken off. I have broken my old mentality of working for someone else and now I am smiling from head to toe because I’m creating new ideas that will create value to my customers. The tools in the books have given me the courage to surpass the limitations that have been put on me by society and so called friends.
My head is spinning with new ideas and I’m integrating these ideas into action with the mini-day schedule. I understand my dreams and I am now actualizing  them.
My child of the past is alive and vibrant!  I have ideas and plans to market an extraordinary program for the youth, to help them with their golf games and  life skills to make them better people. Most of these programs are for only the rich, but I am going to make this affordable to the middle class. I am excited to give them the best coaching and education to fulfill their dreams.
My other business with the Neothink Society is growing everyday. I’m talking to people, sending letters, making phone calls, and sending e-mails. To help people realize their full potential is my drive and passion. To help people find their passion and purpose in life is a huge responsibility and must be actualized.  Both of my businesses are very close in the meaning of what their purpose is about. My golf business has certain techniques and tools to be successful. The Neothink Society business also has tools and techniques to be successful in life.  To be successful at golf and life a person must have the right focus and MENTALITY  to create his or her dreams. From what I have learned you need control over your emotions to truly  be honest about improving your golf game or life.
Finally, I want to say that it was humbling and an honor to meet other Neothink Society members at the inaugural National meeting in Durham, North Carolina. The pure love in the meeting room was energizing and heart felt. The members are family and I would do anything to help them. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt they would do the same for me and anyone else. The journey is just getting started and I’m excited and thrilled to be part of this society.

Your Friend,

Neil Barnhill


My name is Raymond and I’m 57 yrs old. I had been searching for that “Some Thing More” in my life that had been eluding me for the first 54 years of my life. Now I have found my reason for living, my purpose in life, and a passion I never knew I had before.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mark Hamilton for his wonderful literature and The Neothink Society for enlightening me to the honest reality of the person I was meant to be. I thank Mr. Mark Hamilton for introducing me to the fantastic world of Neothink and the visions of the Twelve Visions Party that would enable people of this country to climb out of the down-ward spiral of living in a world of lies, delusions, fraud and coercion that has kept us all from the pursuit of real life, liberty, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness.
I cannot imagine a world where the ideas of Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party did not exist. I fear that without the hope that Mr. Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party can bring to the world; we will end-up destroying this country, this civilization and this planet by sheer frustration and ultimately create a cataclysmic catastrophe that will eliminate us as a species.
I look to the future of mankind’s’ ONLY real hope for survival to continue to move forward and usher in the kind of world that the Fore-Fathers of this country risked all to bring to us many years ago. The future they envisioned is not the one we are all living. The future they had hoped for and paid dearly to secure finally has a chance to become a beautiful reality with the emergence of Mr. Mark Hamilton’s’ Neothink Society and the new political arm of this Society know as The Twelve Visions Party.
Our children and our grandchildren are counting on all of us to rally behind Mr. Hamilton and The Twelve Visions Party to secure not only our futures but theirs’ as well. The Neothink Society and all that this Society stands for is the ONLY way that any of the people of this world can continue to look to their futures and say, “At last!” we have a real and lasting way to accomplish all that our individual heart’s desire of living in peace and harmony and love with the inhabitants of this beautiful place we call Earth.
I urge everyone who has a real desire to survive the current economical and political state of the world today to seek out The Neothink Society Clubhouses around the country and learn for them the real value offered to them by Mark Hamilton and The Twelve Visions Party. Go to for more info.
Thank you, Raymond D


Mark Hamilton and Neothink targets the essence of life and its nature. Mark Hamilton’s literature releases an immense excitement and enhances a persons way of living. Ever since I began reading his literature, I transcended to a new way of being, knowing and seeing with wide scope images and extravagant thoughts. After reading some of his literature, I suddenly felt awaken, accelerated, high in life. Mark Hamilton’s devotion and contribution is the ultimate to me, his literature has helped me adjacent my mind and soul and also made me feel invigorated and elated. Thank You Mark Hamilton I love your work. Thanks to YOU I finally know my purpose in life.


Ever since I was a little child, all i wanted was to feel exhilarated forever. I remember so clearly playing and loving life. And then, “reality” started to set in for me and my family. These beautiful moments would soon begin to fade. People close to me and others far away through the media and television began to pile drive my mind with beliefs and opinions. And the world around me began to suppress and start to cripple my progress and comprehension of life and the world around me. The endless labyrinths of politics and religion. The two things in this life that are said to help us all, actually started to corrupt me and the people around me. I lost the desire to live. Mentally and emotionally compressed, I could not function to and through reality… And then I was invited by Mark Hamilton to join the NEOTHINK SOCIETY I must say now with a great sigh of relief, that I feel the purity, love and beauty of a child. The kind you feel for a very short time when you are child. Before the pollution of this world begins to wither our beautiful childhood. Mark Hamilton and the S.O.S have shown me the keys to a true and happy life, they have given them to me and have shown me how to use them! Mark Hamilton has shown me how to unlock the greatest potential in myself with true honesty that benefits everyone and everything around me! I have found my purpose in life as a creative person. Thanks to the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, i have discovered an abundance of talent and intellect. I have uncovered abilities as a musician and have taken them to greater levels with ease, confidence and power. My abilities as a painter and sculpture have excelled dramatically. I can see opportunity where ever i go because I can see ever so clearly now. I can honestly say that as I awake every day I feel beautiful. And most importantly I feel a tremendous love for everyone around me. Without the naiveté of a hopeless optimist. The S.O.S, to me… simply reinstates the phrase “think for yourself, and question authority”. A powerful weapon against any person, religion or political agenda with a false and corrupt agenda. honesty always makes its way to the front row. No matter what.
My heart overflows beyond words. I am deeply grateful and thankful to Mark Hamilton and the NEOTHINK SOCIETY
Aside from all the corruption, lies and illusions of this world, I have reconnected with the child within. the beauty that should have never been lost or even faded.
I will share a lyric by A Perfect Circle.


I always knew that their was more to life than just a daily routine. I was working from Monday to Friday doing the same type of task, hoping for the weekend to come quick. I wanted more from life than just a routine, I wanted excitement, freedom, and to look forward to the next day. I try many different things in order to change my daily routine. I started to purchase products at a discount price and selling it to retailers for a profit. I still remember my first sale just like it was yesterday, palms sweating, knees shaking, and when asked about my selling prize I nearly froze. I build up courage and spoke out my prize with confidence, and started explaining to my customer what a good price I was giving him, based on the quality of the product. I made that sale and made a $40.00 profit in about five minutes, it was one of the most happiest and exciting moment of my life. That sale made me feel like a kid again, and gave me a strong back bone to continue on following my dreams. I then started to incorporate my company, and become more familiar with permits, business laws, and regulations in order to properly run my business.
That joy quickly started to fade as I became more and more familiar with government laws. I started to feel like the government was intentional imposing laws to destroy my businesses. I lost my excitement for life again, and started thinking that we as a civilization where destine to live a miserable life. That was until The Neothink Society which brought back that excitement I had in life again. Showing me that the purpose in life is to sustain life by becoming value producers, and transcending to value creators. Today I enjoy my life and look forward to the next day, always thinking on new ways to contribute good productive values to society. Neothink is the new way of thinking that can change the course that society has taken to follow. Neothink allows us to discover our own unique purpose in life, and opens our eyes to see thru the illusion that is being orchestrated for us, by the leaders in power. I give great thanks to Mark Hamilton from the bottom of my heart for providing me with such a good values that will live in me forever, and will share with others.


Everyday is a great day

Everyday is a great day thanks to the guidance of Mark Hamilton, and all the Neothink members. One needs to experience the power that comes by being part of Neothink to believe it. The values that one gains from Mark Hamilton, and Neothink members is truly unbelievable. Each member provides each other with valuable information that empowers the individual receiving it. This information allows one to view things different than how it was viewed before, and that is what grants one the power to make a difference. First, one learns to identify what is valuable and what is not. Second, one would learns how to become a value producer, and a supporter of values. Third, one becomes a creator of new values that never existed before, helping civilization move forward.
I would encourage everyone to experience what is to me, a rebirth of ones own self. You are not yourself until you discover your true purpose in life. Life is not what someone told you, it is what you experience by raising your awareness level. The more aware you are, the more you aline yourself with your true nature. Only then will one experience everyday being a great day.





The Neothink society as well as Mark Hamilton has helped me to realize my potential. I served five years in the military, finished my Bachelors degree, and I am in the process of starting my own business. I want to share my experience with the Neothink Society with everyone. I grew up in a family with an absent father and an alcoholic mother. I was taught little about value or hard work for that matter. My mother told me at age thirteen that I could do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t bring the police home. This meant I didn’t have to get good grades in school, I could do drugs, and about a month later she took off. I spent the next few years bumping around from one sisters house to the next until eventually they kicked me out. My sister told me that I ate too much food and at the tender age of sixteen I had to stand on my own two feet. At this age this is a little difficult to do. I had no money and no one to turn to. For the next few years I stumbled around I worked at Taco Bell part time and sold drugs the rest of the day. I also dropped out of school. The only smart thing I did was to get my G.E.D. When I was nineteen I came into contact with Neothink. The Neothink society showed me something about  myself that I didn’t know . Mark Hamilton’s literature showed me that I had a purpose in life and that by following my passions I could accomplish anything.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,

B. H

Louisville Ky


Before I read Mark Hamilton’s literature, my life was in shambles. I was in a rut, didn’t know what I was going to do with my life and didn’t know how I was going to change it. When I received my invitation, I jumped on the idea, because somehow I knew that it was right and pure. Once I actually read the manuscripts, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt free, happy, relieved and fearless. The dead beat people in my life were exposed and dropped. I pinpointed what my purpose in life is and I’ve been happier ever since. I got rid of my debt and cleaned up my credit report, I met new positive friends, who are like family to me, explored new aspects of my life that I was afraid to explore and learned a tremendous amount of new things, etc. I’m finally in control. I feel like with all of the disgusting things going on in the world, the Twelve Visions Party will be the answer and eradicate the corrupt, authoritarian section of our planet. Things would change rapidly for the better. I am truly thankful for Mark Hamilton because he isolated the problem and he’s providing us with the solution. Those who try to make him out to be a con artist are obviously sick and are a part of or have been effectively brain washed by the corrupt parasites that control this country and the world. Thank you Mark. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. You are truly risking EVERYTHING to pull back the curtain and unveil the lies. You are very brave. Your doing a tremendous job. Keep up the excellent work.


Dear Mark,

Thank you so very much for inviting me to the Neothink Society, it has changed my life in so many ways. I took advantage of your offer and got the first of the heirlooms, read and was motivated to purchase the second, intrigued and inspired by reading both publications. Miss Annabelle’s story put me over the top in visualizing the picture puzzle and getting the pieces put together. I have never been so motivated to want to know and learn more. I felt exhilaration for the first time in my life, finding true meaning and hope for the future for myself, my family and the world! I always knew deep down there was more to this life.

The heirlooms have been life changing and the journey so far has been an exciting experience. I have been looking for something for many years and know I have finally found what I have been looking for. I am introducing the Neothink Society information to my children as their willingness to learn increases I look forward to passing Neothink Society heirlooms on for our future generations.

Before being introduced to this way of life I was very unhappy, my job had become stressful and unfulfilling, I felt I had no real purpose in life, the country seem to be on a downward spiral and no place to turn for true meaning and  purpose in this life.

 Now with the Neothink Society I have been able to use the tools from the heirlooms to think my way into a better way of life for myself and my family.

Please don’t stop providing this information it is the truth and the light that will change all our lives for the better. Thank you from the depths of my soul.

Pamela E

Mebane, NC