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I began my journey with Mark Hamilton by accepting his invitation to join a new way of thinking…called Neothink. His new way of thinking was very familiar to me as I had already begun the process when I received his letter.It was a letter to remind me of learning to love myself, believing in myself while encouraging me to realize those gifts of purpose that just maybe I could help to create something to change our world and make it a better place. Guess what? It happened! It is happening right now! I went from working for someone else to creating my own company! I now produce radio shows that have content that is changing lives! Mark Hamilton and Neothink has changed my life and those that I market to with my radio show. Mark Hamilton taught me to follow my passion, create a business from that and give back while you’re doing it. I have and I am doing it! Thank you Mark Hamilton! I am giving back what I have so kindly received!