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Deep within my thoughts I have often wished “ if there could only be a place, where the truly honest people can unite together and make this dishonest world we live in, a better place to live and be happy”.
My wish came true! I was introduced to the manuscripts written by the greatest author of our time, his name is Mark Hamilton. Within his manuscripts are written the honesty truth that has been kept secret from us for thousands of years. I have learned from reading these manuscripts valuable information that has changed my life, and my families lives forever.
Mark Hamilton’s research for over thirty years has been, finding the honesty truth and helping others. What a rare man in today’s world! Mark Hamilton has helped me discover the Gift we are all born with, the gift of Neothink, the Power of our mind. He is teaching me how to reach the full potential of achieving anything I want within my honest thoughts. While I was reading the manuscripts, the thoughts that entered my mind was similar to the Jesus story “ when one man was teaching, value thinking and creative thinking is the key to survival”, Jesus was telling the people they can use the Power within themselves, to overcome the value destroyers and the creative cheaters.
After I have been discovering Neothink, I have been able to teach myself how to use the computer, simply with my visions that come to me from within my deep desired thoughts. I wake up each day with a smile and feeling good, because I am now able to communicate with the growing number of like-minded individuals, that have attained the same valuable information contained inside the manuscripts.
Mark Hamilton has built a place called the Neothink Society, where all truly honest people share their thoughts, dreams, and ideas and help each other make them come real. With the help from Mark Hamilton, clubhouses are developing in every state and expanding to be in every community.
Within the Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions party has developed, this system is in place to overcome all the dishonesty, corruption, and cheating. As we all struggle to keep up with all the constant price increases on everything around us because the current thought process is to make things as cheap as possible and sell it for as much as possible, keep adding ridiculous tax increases on everything, only to put unearned money into the dishonest people’s pockets. Take ,take, take who cares about how many people suffer and try to survive. We are falsely to believe, that this is the way of life. When in fact we know deep in our hearts things have to change.
We all know this has been going on for a long time and getting worse.
During these very hard trying economic times, we are constantly searching for trust and honesty. I want a better life for my family & friends, how about you? Honesty will always prevail, now is the time to stand up and bring a better world into a better future. I encourage you to discover Neothink, The Twelve Visions Party and The Prime Law. Honest people united together, come join us and change your life into the world we are meant to live!
With True Honesty and Happiness,
Dale L


Testimonial of Dora L
I have lived for 28 years in arid lands. In the past years, since 1982, I dedicated my living to work intensely for survival only.
Reading Mark Hamilton’s literature has taught me inspiration, knowledge, understanding I could not have received anywhere else. His wonderful, clear style of writing and dealing with what is, the reality we must appreciate to know and deal with cannot be denied to his expressing genius.
A rare man who deserves respect and a great example to be read, especially to keep our feet on the ground when, to my knowledge, in dealing with blinding illusions. A very honest, articulate and superb writer. His literature is a well, astounding knowledge that would direct us to much happiness as a leader. Not to mention with “Gusto for Life”.
In the political arena, trusting and listening to his personal caliber of a human being, it seems to me, would be a good example of a qualitative happy, honorable way to exist and work in our marvelous Earth. The Only Earth we know and live. His Neothink Society is a splendid course to offer us, the living, the greatest gifts of his beloved Neothink.
Neothink gives me feelings of wanting to live and learn, to prevail, and not just exist.
Forever grateful! Much success to Neothink!