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Dear Mark Hamilton, although we have not yet met in person, the impact your, the Neothink Society, and the growing TVP have made on my life has been profound. In attending the New Jersey convention in March 2010, I caught a glimpse of what it felt like to have the lens of my glasses cleaned for very first time. I caught a glimpse not only of love, but of love in its purest form, as it is born out of rational thought and out of self awareness, and awareness of the world around us, the state it is in, and why.
I feel so much gratitude for each and every letter I receive from either you or your movement, and will continue to strive, to best of my ability, to contribute towards the world you are creating, by pursuing my essences within at least two of these three realms, and continue receive bountiful moments of pure love and happiness, as a result of the wisdom you have imparted and continue to impart.
May you live forever, Mark Hamilton.
With love and sincerity,


I’m new to this, but already my life has changed. Knowing that I’m not the only one who believes there is a better world built from rational thought, one that is full of prosperity and love has enriched me beyond words. If only more would simply take the time to investigate I believe they would see the reality of Neothink. As I read through the initial material, I found myself becoming calmer knowing that there really is a possible fantastically bright future for everyone who wants it. As I continue through the more advanced material, the reality of Neothink becomes clearer and clearer. Thank God Mark Hamilton has taken the time and energy to put together the Neothink information and share it with others. In today’s world, most would simply keep it for themselves and maybe a few close friends. Instead, Mark has taken it upon himself to shine the light on anyone willing to take a look.
Keep thinking
Duane B