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Hello. My name is Michael Crozier. I read, all of Mark Hamilton books. Mark Hamilton is a great American. He has great vision and ideas, to bring value back into, every area of your life. Please get his books. They will change your life. They have changed mine. His ideas will make America and the world a better place to live.


Dear Mark,
Thanks to your books, and the society, I have hope for the future. Your ideas and the ideals of the society have given me hope that the future will be better, if we all join in to make it so .
I am now living a life that may not be one that others will say is useful, but it does give me time and opportunity to do some major thinking on things that I’ve read in the multi generational books. I’ve seen things that when I stop to think about them, I can associate them with the thing that I’ve read in the books. And I can see the need for the society’s principals to be propagated throughout our society.
So I want to thank you, Mark Hamilton, for all the things that you and the society have taught me. I’m still trying to apply all the principals to my life and job. But I am learning, and hoping that I will see the day that these laws of life are used by all people to the betterment of all of us.
Keep the faith and the hard work moving right along, because I can’t wait to see the Twelve Visions World come into being.
Thank you, for choosing to mentor me and introduce this great idea and hope to me, and now all the world!
Your Student,


I have joined Mr Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society for several years, and have read their books, and have made a tremendous change in my life. They have being a life saver for me, I strongly recommend every bit of the Neothink lectures as positive changes for every human being in this planet earth, for a real success in your own life changes as for a better life of your own. I myself like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Mr. Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society for being part of my life.

Thank You, Sincerely M E Neothink member


I have read all of Mark Hamilton’s books and totally believe in what he is saying. We need this today with the way the world is going. Religion is one of if not the biggest problem today.


Hello Mark Hamilton,

I have only been with Neothink a few months and have all the books and just received cd’s of Kevin



Dear Mark,
I read all the books about Neothink because I realized that there is no “Higher Power” or it has ever existed.  They have helped my self-esteem to be a lot more productive.

My dream is to work with Computers.  I am happy to volunteer at Goodwill to learn a trade.  We all need Neothink.


Arnie S.


My experience with the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton has been all positive. Don’t believe everything you hear or read that says otherwise. People are prone to fear when they don’t understand something- so it’s easier for them to get caught up in negative hearsay. It’s our responsibility to see between the lines and seek the truth, everything else is just gossip and it’s a waste of time and energy!
I’ve been completely happy with all my purchases from Neothink.. The books are high-quality and very interesting to read. One of my favorite books is the children’s book written by Mark’s daughter. It’s a beautiful book with highly colorful graphics that teaches children positive lessons such as being kind to others.
Tammy R


Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society has opened my eyes to the truth about the world.  His publications are packed with information about every aspect of human life.  He teaches you how to think for yourself and make your life pure bliss.  If you are searching (like I was) for something more from life–read the books.

You don’t need to read them from cover to cover to get the awesome information from these books, simply choose the area of interest from the table of contents. I guarantee that once you read a section in the book, you’ll end up reading the whole thing.

Everyone has an opinion, people like to spread gossip and many people don’t like change. You have a an opportunity to learn about the myths of the world that most influential people don’t want you to know about. I say read the books and make your own decision.


with peace and love,

Carol E