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To all concerned:
The search is over because truth prevailed. I’ve come across all types of studies while graduating from Wayne State University on a full scholarship. During the four-plus years that I walked those familiar halls I searched, not necessarily for a profession (though I had to commit or else lose the scholarship), but I searched for truths during that whole college term. I found some truths. Those truths were mostly math and other scientific certainties. The rest were basically hypothesis, and conformity to man-made rules for survival.
Even during those college days I found myself praying for revelations of truths about the world that I lived in. After all, I felt my time here on earth wasn’t going to be a short stay and I wanted to walk knowledgeable and confident amongst you all.
By some strange twist of faith I came across the Neothink Heirlooms. I nearly fainted when I read them. I then went back and studied (studying) them because I couldn’t believe what I had stumbled upon.
The content enveloped and continues to envelope me. I later became familiar with the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) movement and thought, Wow! These courageous soldiers are putting forth an effort to bring about a better world. Unlike the common political laws that are interpreted thousands of different ways depending on the directions of the wind in Washington, these laws are written without ambiguities. The meanings to the bylaws and agenda are cut and dry.
I was so excited that I got into my somewhat reliable car and traveled to Chicago to be at a TVP event. My wife thought I was crazy, but she traveled with me. However, she thought I was just as nuts when I jump in that same car to head to New Jersey to attend the TVP convention with very little funds.
She asked me why act on impulse and fly by the seat of my pants about these matters? I simply said, “I have to follow my heart. It’s one of the reasons we’re together.” She laughed, kissed me, and responded “then it had to be worth it.”
These revelations doesn’t mean I’m a different person. I have no ill will towards current politicians or other dishonest people. As a matter of fact I can tolerate them better. But, I have to admit that I don’t feel guilty about knowing that there is work being done to unseat them and I’m taking part in doing it by supporting the TVP movement. and don’t worry it’s being done fairly and is being played by the rules that they set in place.
I simply know that the laws of attraction will cause them to lose those abusive positions of power and those unfair lots in life they currently occupy. They can’t truly be happy there anyway. Somewhere down the line when the TVP is rolling full steam ahead, they’ll confess that they weren’t really happy doing those clandestine deeds while they were in positions of power anyway. But not now because they suffer from Power Drunkenness and turn a blind eye to their actions.
I’m still the same kind, loving person I was before these Neothink revelations. However, I have noticed a slight difference in me. I now walk on higher grounds. I walk amongst the greatest, clearest and honest thinkers that are born of this world. I feel really good to know like-minded people!
Love & Prosperity,
Larry D. S