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When I received the first letter from Mark Hamilton I was in an oppressive relationship and afraid to do anything about it.


You came for me when I was in my darkest hours, I was in a failing relationship and


What does the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party mean to me?
I’ve gone from thinking about everything I cannot do and stuck in a rut with no hope of finding a way out to thinking about what I can do and moving toward a dynamic career with unlimited growth potential. I see where I am, where I want to go and I’m confident I will get there with the help of the Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party.
My relationship with my wife of 10 years has been reborn. We are changing, growing and getting to know each other again.
I consider it one of the most important moments of my life when I participated in the first National Convention of the Twelve Visions Party in Chicago, IL as a delegate from the state of New York.
Bill W


 “Neothink combines practical business, health, and relationship philosophy to attain a happier life.”

“The Twelve Visions Party provides a much needed alternative to government.”

“Mark Hamilton’s writing is revolutionary and I look forward to my future with the Neothink Society.”

“The Neothink concept of biological immortality is attainable during our lifetime.”

Shawn W.  Los Angeles, CA
Neothink Society Member


I remember the first day I started reading the literature from Mark Hamilton. I was skeptical at first, because I have read other books promising grandiose things – more money, a better relationship, better health, etc. In comparison, the literature I received from the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton shared with me how to do all of that, plus become better and better as a person every day. I have learned that one avenue America’s citizens can take to help our economy is to create and produce values for society, and not destroy them, and to be a self-leader, which makes a person accountable for his life. I wouldn’t trade these books for a BILLION dollars! They’re priceless! And I encourage everyone to contact the Neothink Society, to order this literature, and see what it is I am talking about. Thank you Mark Hamilton!

Adam H.
New York