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My name is Adam, and I would like to share my personal story of what Mark Hamilton’s multi-generational manuscripts have personally done for me with the Neothink Society®.

I would first like to speak about Mark Hamilton and who he is. He has become one of the greatest mentors and visionaries of all time. By publishing his own literature, the heirloom manuscripts, he has created these values for society that everyone can share in. Not only is he a teacher, but he is also an artist and a friend. He has painted a beautiful puzzle-picture of the future, and everyone needs to get their hands on his multi-generational manuscripts and be “in the know” about really what is controlling society today and going on in the world.

I grew up in a very religious background, began public speaking in my church when I was only eight years old. I also spent most days evangelizing. When I was eighteen, I even traveled to Mexico, BAJA, and was a Missionary for six months. However, I always questioned the world around me versus the information I was told was factual. Well, I never have necessarily just “taken” what others have told me, so while other kids were playing outside or watching their Saturday morning cartoons, I was studying, reading, and cross-referencing scripture. My knowledge and my mind began evolving as unlocked little secrets for myself. These “secrets” I unlocked through my Volumes of research and study were like little puzzle pieces to a bigger picture. So I started snapping those pieces together, and as I was doing that, I instantly “snapped” out of my mysticism, and ALL the religious knowledge I had – I was able to see exactly what it was.

Well, this ostracized me from my family and ended my marriage at 22 years old. I was living in Oregon at the time. Well, as there really wasn’t much left for me, I decided to start over and begin living my life the way I saw it, which was with a NEW way of thinking.

I only had two suitcases of luggage, jumped on a flight within thirty days of concluding that leaving Oregon is something I wanted and needed to do, and traveled all the way across the country to New York where I am at today.

It wasn’t until about eight months or so being in New York, as I began working, I met a member of the Neothink Society® through a very interesting series of events. You see, even though I thought differently, it was something I came up with on my own, and I never know what I don’t know. So that’s what brought me here. I discovered abilities within myself I never new I had. It was the association I had, who I listened to, and the mentoring from my teacher and friend, Mark Hamilton.

While getting to this “spot” in my life, I hit rock bottom several times. I was broke. I was alone. I attempted suicide three times in my life and couldn’t even get THAT right! Well, obviously I’m here, and there must be a reason. And that’s where my PASSION comes from! Those who know me know my thoughts and feelings with Neothink® and TVP® which is why when Mark Hamilton gets maligned and LIED about, those things strike an even stronger chord with me….and with my friends in the Neothink Society®. We become stronger, more united than ever….not weaker!

If you are an individual like I use to be, who listens to outside influence rather than figuring out the TRUTH on your own, then listen to the influence Mark Hamilton gives. That’s the person you need to listen to! He’s here to help! And you won’t get that from “leaders” today. You won’t get that from the President. You won’t even get that from Judges, journalists, police officers…not with the way society is today – bent on crookedness, deceit, lies, and dishonest propaganda. Who do you listen to?

I suggest everyone begin to look inward, to themselves, and discover the person you were meant to be and live the life you are MEANT to live! Thank you Mark Hamilton for your guidance. I’ve been at rock-bottom. I’ve been in that world. And now that I’m here, I only move forward with personal growth and discovery after discovery. I am still snapping puzzle pieces together, again – this time with a new way of thinking – and I can see the puzzle-picture of self-discovery forming. I can now see the bigger picture before it is even complete. What do you see in life?

Love and Peace!!
Adam Huntley