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Dear Mark Hamilton,

You are my hero, and your vision of beautiful world is alive deep in my heart. Thank you so very much .
Here is my


I would like to express my deepest thanks and respect to Mark Hamilton for having the courage and fortitude to define the concept and purpose of Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party. I have lived my life according to the values that are illustrated and promoted by Mark and the Neothink Society long before I had heard of them. I now feel that I have a legitimate voice among my peers and (through the Twelve Visions Party) will be able to move the whole country forward to


I started reading Neothink books in the late 80s.


Dear Friends
With pleasure that i give my testimonial about Mark Hamilton.
When I received the books I felt really happy, also my family was happy and my life changed because I became the person that i wanted to be.
I believe that Mark Hamilton is a good person and his books, his movements, just make us walk forward. Why stop his movements if it doesn’t make any bad to no one? Just good.
This guy, teach you in his books, only how to be a good person, respect everybody, to be honest, and live your day as it was your last day. How come a guy like this be a bad person? For my family and I, he just has been very good .
Please don’t stop this business, because a lot of people are happy having him as mentor.
Please don’t silence my mentor.


To Mark Hamilton, my mentor:

The reality of being able to create a better world mentally, physically, emotionally, and economically, is one of the most extraordinary opportunities you’re offering to us.

I have read all of your books, I have learned your excellent teachings to all of us, and I respect and admire the value of the Neothink Society that I am working with.

I believe in you and I trust that we can all share success by creating and learning to create love, health, wealth, and happiness.


Graciela De R