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Hello to everyone who is about to read this testimonial

I first want to let everyone know I have not been brain washed into what I’m about to tell you all. I’m using my own mind to make a decision as to what am I’m going to do with the rest of my life.

Because at the present time life doesn’t look so Rosie anymore.

Especially for those who are Poor Elderly and now 2nd class people are beginning to see that our present government are not doing the right thing.

So now I want to take the opportunity to let everyone know that there is a better approach to what our government is offering us. Okay let see what our government has to offer and we all know that it is the same old politics either we vote for Demarcate or we vote Republican. And I believe that they think we the masses are nothing but sheep and all they need to do is create an illusion of greener pastures. When in fact they are sending those greener pasture abroad.

I for one want to use the rest of my life saving my family from what I believe to be the greediest and most corrupt politicians we have ever produced in history and that I believe that this present situation is only going to get worse. So once again I want to take the opportunity to let everyone know that I’m not alone in my feeling about where this country should be heading. Like I mention earlier that we only have two parties to choose from and we must vote for one of them. But I’m here to let everyone know that it’s not true! I’m here to tell everyone there is a better party in town called The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) and the Neothink Society. Their platform is very simple but very strong and I don’t need 30 10inch books to explain this platform and here it is

The platform is:

Make The Everyone Rich Including the Poor and the Elderly

If you would like to find out more about us go to or

How simple is that and I must ask why hasn’t the other parties intellectuals come up with something so strong yet simple.

I’ll tell you why there is to much corruption and greed they can’t see passed their noses. The time has come for a change time to tell the other parties that we the masses have our own minds and can make our own decisions. And that their illusions won’t work anymore.

And everyone can do that! And all you have to do is do the research.

So simple to do!

So do like I did and get some real knowledge and set yourselves free.

Meet the author of the Neothink Society Literature and my Mentor and Hero Mr. Mark Hamilton join the rest of us here in the Neothink Society.

Lets make a change for the better. Together we will change the world.

Ending The Rule Of Man

To Launch

The Wealth Of Mankind Exposed

The Ruling Class

To Unite

The Non Ruling Class

And like I always say

Make It A Productive Day Everyday

One Step At A Time


Thomas Silvia


I am sending you this letter to share with you, what you personally and what the Multi Generational Manuscripts, have meant to me. I will start by sharing with you where I was at just before receiving your invitation to become a member of the Neothink Society.
I was soon approaching my 56th birthday and my life was very depressing. I was 9 years away from retirement age, no savings, owing over $75,000 in back child support, which took over half of my paycheck. To make matters worse, I was on commission sales, and because of the economy, my income was going down. I had almost accepted the fact that I was destined to live the rest of my life in poverty, with no escape. It was like being in a pitch black room, or being in a dense fog, or being trapped in a complicated maze not knowing where to turn. My life was basically hopeless. To make matters even worse, I looked back to my senior year in high school. How promising things were then. I had a vision of changing the world. I was voted by my classmates most likely to succeed. In fact, I had not been to my class reunions out of embarrassment. I asked myself how I had gotten to this dismal place in my life, where did I go wrong, how could someone with so much potential have become such a failure. I am thankful that I did not have suicidal tendencies.
Four days before my 56th birthday, I received a letter in the mail. It was a letter from you, an invitation to join this society of geniuses. It stated they recognized that I was special, and that I was being asked to join them, this society was the Neothink Society. I was flattered but yet skeptical, so the first thing I did was get on the internet. There I found some people talking negative about it but I saw that none of them were in or had been in the society, but then I came across a website where others who were in the society were sharing how it had changed their lives and how thankful they were. I decided to find out for myself, I would rather take the word of someone who knows rather than someone who doesn’t. On my 56th birthday I sent in my request form. There began my journey. As it turns out, that was the best birthday present I have ever received.
When I received my literature from Mark, I dug into it, and as I read, it was like someone had turned on the light in that dark room of despair that I was trapped in, the fog was lifted from my life and I had clear vision, and I had true direction in the complicated maze of life. Instead of despair, I found my life full of hope and I was once again becoming happy. I could clearly see where my life was headed, and I also knew the direction to take at each juncture in life I came across. I could once again look in the mirror and respect the man I saw there, I could see that I truly was special. Through the literature I learned the true value of honesty, first with myself and also with others, for I realized that honesty builds society, dishonesty tears it down. I also realized how important it was to love myself. As these values toward myself grew, I also began to realize that each and every individual was special and my love and respect grew for them as well. This brought me to a place where I understood that we cannot give what we don’t have, in order to be honest with others, we first had to be honest with our self, to be able to respect someone else, we had to first respect our self, and in order to love someone else, we had to first love our self.
I then realized what you had really done for me through the literature and your mentoring, you had helped me to become a self leader, and in doing so, I discovered the true meaning of freedom. The simplest way to put freedom is self rule. As with any form of rule, there is a domain, in the case of self rule, the domain consists of the individual and everything that belongs to the individual. As in any form of rule, there is a leader, with freedom(self rule), that leader is the individual. I then realized why I had ended up where I was so miserable in life, I had been programmed all my life to be a follower. Looking to outside authorities for the answers lead me to be enslaved in my thinking, simply put, a follower is subject to that which he follows. By becoming a self leader, I was able to take control of my life. I took full responsibility for all of my decisions and in doing so, I was able to make wise decisions that would lead to desired results.
My desire is that all people would be willing to take this journey that I am on, the journey to true freedom through self leadership. I can see if that were to happen, the many problems that we see today would simply disappear, for people would not be looking for what they could get but instead what they could do. What they could do to better their life as well as the lives of others. Peoples focus would turn from consuming to creating, and in doing so prices would fall and prosperity would rise because of the abundance. But why is this not happening? Isn’t this what our Founding Father’s established through our Constitution. What I see has happened is that over time we have witnessed the establishment of a ruling class in our country called the career politician who is more concerned about holding office rather than protecting the rights of the individual. For that reason he is quick to pass sound good legislation that will get him votes but in essence take away our freedom. Our Founding Fathers were not career politicians, but were individuals who believed in the freedom and the rights of the individual and volunteered their time and resources to guarantee those rights of the individual through our Constitution. But over time, politicians and judges have changed the original intent to not guarantee those rights of the individual but to take control over the individual. We are no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but a government of career politicians over the people.
This is why I see the importance of the Prime Law which would guarantee the rights of the individual by forbidding initiatory force against the individual, by another individual, group of individuals, or government. And the purpose of government would be to protect those rights. The Twelve Visions Party, based on the Prime Law is essential to bring about a change in the direction of our freedoms being lost and instead guaranteeing those rights and our freedom. When that happens, when individuals are freed from the burdens of big government, then prosperity will return, for business will once again flourish. Freedom must survive, not socialism as where we are headed if we continue our present course. Freedom is what made this country great and freedom will make it great again.
One last thing I want to share with you and is a great compliment to you and all the others in the Neothink Society, and this comes from my 20 year old son. We were talking the other day and he was sharing with me how when I first joined the society that he thought it was some pie in the sky group and really didn’t think much of it, but over the last year and a half he has watched what a difference it has made in his dad’s life and he told me that he can see how much I have changed and how happy I am now, and that he could recognize that the Neothink Society was truly a good thing. And that he too would like to start reading the literature himself. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Mark for all that you have done for me.


Hey! Mark,
It’s always great to hear from you. Don’t worry too much about the anti civilization and what the neo-cheaters will do. They cannot stand against Neothink and the true map to a new and life-changing society. That is why from where I live, have been very cautious and not spoken out about this wonderful opportunity that has truly changed my life and the way I think and feel for the rest of my life. No one could possibly ever take from me what you have given to me in a wonderful gift. Do not put yourself in danger. You are too important to so many people; not to mention your own family.
Will write a better testimony and send later. Just wanted to get something out there right away.
Neo-think has brought me from a state of deep depression, hopelessness, and despair;
to a life of exhilaration and excitement that can’t be put into words. Since joining the society
a little over a year ago, I have gone from being stuck in stagnation, not going anywhere, to a zeal for life and it is just the beginning. For ten years had worked as a housekeeper feeling it was too late for real accomplishments. Have started to college and am making all A’s.
Am 55 years old with a tenth grade education. Took my GED at 19.
Also wanted to mention how much the Neothink web-cite has increased my synergy and it is so wonderful to be able to communicate with other members who are like-minded. There has never been a group of people known to me that were so wonderfully connected.
The honesty open support have sent us soaring to new heights. Am sure that many others feel as blessed because have heard countless testimonies coming from the web-cite.
Would encourage all people everywhere to plug into neo=tech and the Twelve Visions Party. Also, the Global Information Network will be our asset for the few fortunate ones who are able to plug in.
If there is any material that ever comes by the pen of Mark Hamilton. please, please count me in. The answer will always be Yes!
A Life-time Member of the Neothink Society,
Deborah S


I can’t be thankful enough for the marvelous text that I received from you. My life is full of adventure now.
I don’t live like have boundaries. My income has increased. I have enough to have money for rest of my life with savings. I’m doing more of the things I really want to do. I’ve kept all the books. Each reading brings new visions.
Thank you so much.


It has been a year now that I was hand picked to join the Secret Society, the Neothink Society.

I have not put Mark Hamilton’s 12 Visions to a test as yet. I am still thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I have enjoyed reading all of the Neothink Manuscripts.

The 12 Visions taught me to think for myself instead of letting others think for me. People have the right to think for themselves.

If the Government has it’s way they would regulate every thing we do. I thought this was a free Country, but it seems the new President thinks he should think for us and tell us what to do.

This Health Care Reform Bill is a very bad idea. First of all if we let the Government regulate our Health CAre then what else are they going to try to regulate. Who we can and can not Marry. How many Children we can have and what sex the child should be.
What kind of job we should have.

This type of thinking has to stop and the Neothink Society is just the Society that will pervail.


I want to first thank Mark Hamilton for sending me that first letter and finding me.  Thank You Mark.  Since that letter my life has changed dramatically.  Before that the only interest I had in politics was complaining about the way the government is running things just like everyone else was doing, that has changed.

Since then I have been involved in writing the Oregon State Bylaws for the Twelve Visions Party®.  I have also participated in the writing of the TVP® Oregon State Platform.  I even went to Chicago for the Twelve Visions National Party Convention in July of 2009 and helped launch the National Twelve Visions Party®.  I do not plan to be in the political movement for the rest of my life, no just long enough to get the Prime Law amended to all the state constitutions and the United States Constitution.  When that happens government will be forced to change to a protection only government, not like today’s government that is spend, spend, spend and ram bill after bill down our throats without our consent.  That is when my work will be over in politics.

Then and only then will I be able to pursue my passion.  That passion is to have my own business, or even multiple businesses.  I want to create values for myself, my family and the rest of mankind.  I want mankind to rise out of the poverty and uncertainty it is in now and into the wealth and health it should be in instead.  The literature I have received has all the tools I need to get all this accomplished.

The way of my thinking and looking at the world has changed dramatically for the better.  The lessons I have learned and the lessons I have yet to learn have given me a new outlook and vigor for life.  Once the Prime Law is in place this will happen with amazing speed.  Once again Thank You Mark.

Bruce D H


To anyone who is in love with oneself and wants to change the world, all through your life you know that you are important, that collectively as a conscious thinking human being that you are the most important person in the hole universe, don’t you? Well if you don’t you should. let me tell you about my growth in life at this point in life after being blessed with Neothink and my true friend and mentor Mark Hamilton and fellow members who truly care about ones future, weather you believe it or not we are all in for a momentous change and growth in every country in the hole world, everyone is madder than dog shit in tax, everybody is demanding change, we as conscious thinking individuals all have dreams we want to achieve and will for we as conscience thinking people see through appearances and the lies that authorities have been shoving down our thoughts for 2300 years, huge change is here to stay, I’m here for the rest of my life to create values and help everyone I can to start living ones life and be free, and full of joy, and love, thank-you my dear friend Mark & fellow members i love each and everyone of you.


I can’t be thankful enough for the marvelous text that I received from you. My life is full of adventure now.
I don’t live like have boundries. My income has increased. I have enough to have money for rest of my life with savings. I’m doing more of the things I really want to do. I’ve kept all the books. Each reading brings new visions.
Thank you so much.