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Hello to all concerned
This is in recognition to the wonderful work that Mr. Mark Hamilton the Neothink Society and the Newly formed TVP party. It’s high time that we as mankind come up to date and stop living in the past with outdated ways of thinking that has stagnated and arrested peoples creativity to the point of boredom, This is one of the reasons too many people turn to violence and all kinds of scandalous activity to get their thrills! They have not been taught the know how or given the tools to be successful in life. For the most part they have only been taught all their life how to toil for other’s, sacrifice their time and energy to the so called “Higher Cause. A lot of us have herd the faze, “you are what you eat” well I’m here to add that “You know what you’re taught” i.e.. If you’re taught bull…t than you know bull…T! If more people realized that since we live in the so called REVELATION time period then its time the people of our beautiful planet change with the times, expand the consciousness and understand the JIG IS UP. The Truth IS Being Revealed! Why do you think kids rebel so much and disrespect elder’s? one of the reasons is that they are wiser then ever at an earlier age. They see the fact that there is no Big Fat Man in a red suit squeezing down some nasty chimney to deliver toys to EVERYONE ON EARTH IN ONE NIGHT!. the fact that information about some explorer 100’s of years ago is not necessarily going to give them the skills to get gainful employment or to put food on their plate for themselves and family. etc.etc. That all those years in school didn’t teach much survival skill but mostly taught how to “FIT IN “
with the crowd to help someone else fulfill there dreams and get wealthy
while you mostly learn to follow and not become a leader yourself.
Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, teaches how to become a self leader, to know how to direct your own steps and that all of humankind have the right to live, be happy and prosper, not just a privileged few! Since its known the universe is forever expanding then our conciseness minds are forever as well and that if we don’t go with the flow of the universe (natural nature) then one is going against it!( WE know its not nice to fool “mother nature”) doing so will and is an uphill battle that will sap your life energy, make you older before your time as well as a host of other “difficulties” Its ok to learn from the past but you cant live in it. you can live in the now and for the future! I can go on indefinitely. I’ve haven’t even began to get deep, the point is Mark Hamilton, Neothink..I call it (NEW EVOLUTION OF) think time has come to take our world to true change for the better not just a new cover on the old “Jar of BULL…T Check out the Neothink Society & TVP party and see for yourself The purpose of life is to live be happy and prosper is it not? Then why is it that so many people think that you suppose to wait until your old and used up and that is your GOLDEN YEARS when you have fun for the time you have left and that’s it? think people!
Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink & TVP for helping me be on the right track for the New era! Neothink & TVP IS the product that we all want and need weather we are at the point of realization or not!