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I believe that our road to success is the one and only one of moving ahead in a society which contains now so much corruption and disdain for its own people.
I believe that the TVP party and its content has to be viewed as the only savior in our own mess we got our self’s in and created since corruption and greed has taken over by officials and groups who carriers many diseases throughout the world.
Society can only be corrected and adjusted by changing the attitude of the people and starting at the bottom.
We and I from the Secret Society and TVP party has the knowledge and the now how to turn away from corruption and greed by being honest about ourselves and our goals.
Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the support he is getting throughout the world and his believe in the party and society, it can and will achieve the goals of a more humane society.
I have opened my eyes and felt through reading the heirloom packages and listening to speakers and meetings I attended too, that It changes my outlook and my honest feeling towards myself and others and have learned to be an integral part of a group who are believing in the party movements and future.
No, other party can offer such insight and revelation going forward.
Adrian G



As a Level One apprentice member and as I continue my journey!  I have never been through such a revelation in my life!  I feel strong, energized and most importantly very confident !  In reading this email I can’t help but to stand for what I feel is right and I don’t want anyone or anything to take that away!!  Mark Hamilton, you are incredible!  You have been great to me and this is just another obstacle to get over and with apprentices like me and the society we are here for you!! Stand for what you believe in and everything else will see itself through!             

 Orlando P


Until 18mths ago i had spent my 70yrs (going against the grain),confused at the double standards and looking for answers to all the things that puzzled me in our    Do as we say not as we do governance.  Why, even though terrorism and war have common denominators, namely, religion and politics, People do not understand that there has to be a better way. I have been accused of being unrealistic.

Mark Hamilton answered my questions, made sense and he backed up his statements with clear, honest explanations. He encouraged me to think for myself and be totally honest, even about my thoughts and feelings. I now take responsibility for everything i do, an instant cure for apathy. I now see things as they are, the reality is a revelation and i still think there has to be a better way than war and terrorism.

Mark Hamilton has the answer it is yours to discover.