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Dear Mark Hamilton , first I want to say Thank You for all your love to all of Us …… In 2005 you sent me free from Man’s Ruling and dumbing down my life to suit their bogus life styles . You answered questions which my OWN FLESH AN BLOOD ….. could not give to me and they should be our main source of solace in this society . I looked to them for everything , yet they too were nothing more then slaves to the parasite’s of our time . Doing their bidding and getting small rewards that kept us drugged . Love , support , honesty , appreciation was what I needed most from them even from my divorced husband …. to this day I have left from them and bonded more fervently with my Neothink family …. as I still consistently read each day from your literature the power just from the words sends vibrations of strength like no other . Yes words do have power that all can use if they are used for the benefit to all . OMG so much do I have to say Mark that writing I must say is not a better trait , I’m more vocal and feel much more at ease in doing so . I’m channeling to be apart of the TVP platform as well as getting involved with many of my Neothink & TVP family . You are one of the most OUTSTANDING MENTOR’S I’m ever had in my life at this point an time (next to my Dad ) . My quest for my true Neothink



To Mark Hamilton,
First and foremost I would like to say how glad I am for taking advantage of your offer as well as how thankful I am to be introduced to all of this valuable information and to partake in this elite group.   I do want to say this experience so far has been incredibly uplifting and very helpful. Ever since I was little I always thought there was more, just never new what or to what extent. That and it never sat well with me that we were born to die.
My name is Ben and I’m a 28 year old insurance agent.  I’d like to apologize for my lateness and any inconvenience this may have caused. The main issue I had, besides computer issues, was I was trying to incorporate everything as I read it and had reached the point where I had created tracking reports for my company and realized that I was not reaping any benefits due to the way the commission structure was set up. I was also planning to hire a third party to set the appointments for me but the answer I received from my superior was that it’s frowned upon. I’m starting at a new company where to my knowledge seems to already be set up as a division of essence. The last name of the one in charge is Patterson, which might not mean anything but reminded me of Al Patterson. Now I can concentrate on the one money-making purpose instead of chasing my tail at the other one where I was not only not reaping the rewards but was barely paying my bills and lowering my motivation.

Thank you for all your help and I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Your student,
Ben N.



The most wonderful idea from Mark Hamilton’s writings is his love and respect for the individual. He wants you and I to know that each of us is incredibly valuable. He points out the many ways that political, religious and personal ideas erode away the preciousness of our lives. By waking us up to the truth of how outside influences have degraded our lives we can begin to notice these influences and change. Often we have used external authorities as crutches to explain our personal situations in life instead of taking full responsibility for where we are at personally, financially and with our relationships. At times,I have expected God, my country, my husband, and how I was raised, to be at least partially responsible for my situation. Mark helps us realize we can throw off these crutches and live our lives with no excuses.

To me there is only one reason Mark Hamilton has chosen to be involved in working toward restoring the original reason America was founded. That reason is the intrinsic value of each individual to live freely to pursue his or her own creativity. We can use our minds to have and enjoy all the success, rewards, love and power that we desire. When people are truly free within, by being fully responsible and without by living in a country that respects the individual, our lives will be truly exceptional.


My name is Andrew Y, when I was introduced to Neothink just over three years ago, I had to be apart of it. Before Neothink, I was lost and stagnant. The love of my life, left me and I lost hope. When Neothink came to me, I was astonished. I read the literature and it motivated me to keep going and improve my life. And help improve other lives. I am doing that. Since then I have moved up in the company I work for. I have a lot more confidence in myself and have met great people and friends with Neothink, and recently met a great woman who I adore.  There is a lot of great knowledge to learn through Neothink and I am still learning, but the rewards are endless.