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Thank you Mark Hamilton.

Although I have not finish reading all of your literatures, but there are some good transformations I have seen through myself in the past year.  There is something mysterious but amazing about those texts in the literatures.  After received my first package and read the first literature, shortly I found the right job that fulfilled my career.  Yet, I get surrounded with nice loving and caring people.  Mentally, I was more focus and intelligent in my profession.  Also, I was able to pay off my car finance and other credit card debts.  On the second package of Miss Annabelle’s, I was somehow got transformed and well prepared for the things that I had went through with many bad things happened in my life in the past several months.  My wife was able to give birth to our daughter in February 2009, which we thought would be impossible due to her heart problem.  I did so many prayers.  Then, miracle happened and everything went fine.  My wife is OK after giving birth, and our daughter is healthy.  Suddenly, my dear beloved mother passed away in April 2009.  A month after my mother passed away, my wife is then got an ecolite infection and nearly got killed.  Yet, through prayers, she is safe and OK.  Then, two months after my wife incidence, my son got a fungus infection on his underarm due to a sting from some jelly fish at the beach.  One problem followed another.  Next, my wife went for the immigration interview, and the INS would not approve for her green card and told us to wait for the court notice upon meeting with the judge.  I am very much worry but well prepared for any consequences.  Then, after five weeks, I got mugged and stabbed by a BTK gang member.  Luckily, I am still alive with no organ damage.  I was given a chance to continue living for a purpose, and that is for my wife and children currently in need for my supports.  I am very optimistic, but I do believe in both science and the spiritual world.  Whatever in this mystical world, sometime scientific cannot explain.  Thus, we are not alone.  Even though the literatures provoked many things against religious beliefs, but I think that make a purpose for oneself to free from stagnant.  Historically, Buddhists were able to become spiritually enlightened because they were able to free themselves from stagnant through meditations.  Anyway, I believe in your literatures that they have meanings to transform and enlighten one’s mind in a mysterious special way.  I believe your work is very honest to the purpose of helping many people to live for a better and attain a happier life, and that your work should continue to be available to everyone in the public.  May you continue to manifest for future success on the Neothink Society.