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Did you Ever Feel STUCK???
Standing as if you are in a bucket of cement, deciding how I release myself, having your mind muffled regarding direction, decisions, which way should I turn, left, right, forward, possibly backward? But instead you are frozen and in complete bewilderment regarding your next step.
Questioning your decisions, judgment and future plans, Double Guessing Yourself
I was in this position. However, I received a letter, or should I say I was ready to open a letter. Yes, I received a letter, from the Neothink Society, a letter in an old fashioned looking special delivery envelope. An eye catching envelope caught my eye and my curiosity. I, many times, heard an old tale, curiosity killed the cat, but I figured I could take the risk.
And, yes, I am I glad I did. My recommendation: Don’t always believe in those old mystic tales, it can halt your growth, and even keep you stuck in the mind made cement.
Well, I opened the letter and was told that I was special and had special traits. I just needed to reveal these traits, talents, skills to myself and then know the right tools in which to use my talents, skill, and traits effectively.
A big secret: once I know myself and know I can take full responsibility for myself and my take actions, that’s right, you heard me, take action, I could move mountains and climb these mountains, as far up as I could vision in my mind.
Well, I believed the words in the letter and went for it. I purchased my first Heirloom Book and never looked back. Of course the words did not jump out of the page and give me instant fame, success, money. Another secret, I had to use the tools in the book and implements the tools addressed into my life.
Remember: I had to make adjustments; I had to get rid of old thinking and enter in new vibrant result oriented thinking. The Key is; I had to do it, yes, there is some elbow grease and mind thinking, but, by doing this, the good results would take care of themselves.
We’ll, guess what; the good results have been taking care of themselves, repeatedly, repeatedly and repeatedly.
By reading the Heirloom Literature, meeting and speaking regularly with other like-minded Neothink members, going to Clubhouses Meetings and connecting with The Neothink website, I was able to Blast away my mind made cement and mind made bucket, create my own road map with the correction directions for me and my purpose in this life. I am now charting my own course and building my own directions toward wealth, success, health and yes, even romance. I am eagerly moving forward, loving life because I have a purpose and a direction. Yes, by reading and actively bringing the tools, given by The Nothing Society, into my life, I am a happy, life loving man. Of course I know real happiness; Through Neothink, I know really know what makes a person happy,
Guess what! It is true/
Would you like to know? Well, read the Literature, the valuable information is in the literature. Do I have your curiosity, well, I hope so. I am not trying to just tease you much, I want to make you realize that you need to explore and find out the answers yourself; you will appreciate the wonder and the value, by your own discovery.
Oh! By The Way, Those Ten Second Miracles you hear about. Yes, they are real, very real.
Actually, I find the miracles come to me now many times in less than 5 seconds. I believe they are rapidly coming into my mind because I am aggressively using the tools offered in the Literature.
Ok, I just brought up that secret again…… You need to use the tools in the book, Get it…..
I did and I keep getting it.
I better stop now. I strongly recommend purchasing the Heirloom Literature and you can discover for yourself. (That is right you need to discover for yourself, anything of true value cannot be just handed to you) Please remember this.
I hope to be sharing the beaches of the world with all of you.
My Sincere Thank you to Mr. Mark Hamilton and The Neothink Society
Steve F