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Dear Mark Hamilton,
Because of your books and what I have taken to heart, and “gone to the numbers” I am now at the very edge of closing 2 very large deals that will change my life, my children’s lives and my grandchildren’s lives. Had I not read your material, these deals would not have been, and the risk I have taken to bring them to fruition would not have been either. It is like riding a bolt of lightening at slow speed and watching all this take place right before my eyes. Thank you for this knowledge and the initiative your books fueled in me to trust in my self and doggedly pursue this to the successful end.
Doyle Shaw


Hello my name is Jason Paullin and I am honored to tell you that Neothink is the future of mankind. With out it I know we have little chance of survival. All our happiness depends upon the awesome knowledge contained with in these precious pages. Every one of my Neothink letters and books are treasures I shall value forever. I have seen the negative postings online and fell deep sorrow for those unfortunate people are not only missing out on complete happiness but are turning some people away with their words. Please take the risk it is infinitely worth it.