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Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,

For the past three and a half years my life has been filled with excitement and purpose.

Up until three and a half years ago I was stuck in my routine rut of lifeless complacency, with no real hope for a fulfilling life of prosperity and happiness.

Mark Hamilton I want to thank you for your life-saving Prime Literature. This literature has given me the tools and the knowledge that has already changed my life and the lives of many of my family and friends in wonderful and amazing ways.

I have learned so much from you Mark Hamilton


Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,
For the past three and a half years my life has been filled with excitement and purpose.
Up until three and a half years ago I was stuck in my routine rut of lifeless complacency, with no real hope for a fulfilling life of prosperity and happiness.
Mark Hamilton I want to thank you for your life-saving Prime Literature. This literature has given me the tools and the knowledge that has already changed my life and the lives of many of my family and friends in wonderful and amazing ways.
I have learned so much from you Mark Hamilton and your priceless Prime Literature. I have become associated with other like-minded individuals with-in the Neothink Society and they have helped me to integrate and glean even more personal benefits in this environment. I have become aware of my true value to society and to the world.
Together we are all supporting the visions of Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party. We look forward, with anticipation the life-enhancing principals of moving mankind to live more abundantly with improved health, peace, freedoms and happiness.
I sometimes wonder what would have happened to me and many others, if we had never heard of Mark Hamilton or had the privilege of reading his Prime literature. This information is so life-changing and powerful that each multigenerational manuscript deserves to be continually read over and over again and again. This priceless material needs to be integrated and learned by everyone who wants life advantages in their lives.
I shudder to think of how my life could have been such a waste of time for a valuable conscious human being like myself. Thankfully, my life now has value, purpose, direction, romance and excitement. My hope of the future is now based on the sound moral and ethical principles of the Prime Law of Protection which the Twelve Visions Party intends to have added to the Constitution. The country will be blessed and prosper like never before. Without the Prime Law, the T.V.P., Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society moving humanity into its’ next logical evolutionary step; mankind will be doomed to certain annihilation and possible extinction.
I would encourage others and plead with them to support Mark Hamilton, The Twelve Visions Party, The Prime Law and The Neothink Society by directing them to go to and see for themselves.

With my eternal gratitude, love and respect,
Raymond Desmarais


Hello all:
My name is Craig and about three and a half years ago I was accepted into the Neothink Society. I have read over 1500 pages of material from the Neothink literature. What has happened to me as a result from the studying of this material is a complete surprise to me. I have changed direction in my life. I am no longer heading toward retirement from a full time job. Most people don’t find fault with working a full time job and retiring after 35 -40 or so years. It is considered respectful. I agree if your happy with that. What this material does though is allow you to see your options. It allows you to see that you can bring your full potential to fruition. You can be all you ever dreamed of and more.
I am writing this as a testament to the good that comes from this literature. I turned a corner in my life as a direct result of the learning of this material. It is not a self help system. It is not a positive attitude system. And it is not a religion. It is a new mindset. I set a bold new course for my life by reading this material and the progress has been slow at times and fast at others, but always moving forward.
The most amazing part of this new life journey is that I never seen it coming. I changed direction in my life and never even knew it. I started taking control of my own life and making my own decisions without consulting anyone else. I had achieved quite a bit of change and made a lot of progress toward a dream of mine, before realizing what I had done. It became so natural that it just slipped by. I never saw the success in front of me. I just kept plugging away at my goal, and never really stopped for a view. Now that I have reflected on my achievements I can see all that is left to do. Without this literature I would have retired from my job with about 42 years of service. I would never have achieved my full potential in life and would have stagnated in my daily routine rut of a 40 hour full time job. At least I would have been a good citizen and made uncle sam happy. If that is you, and like the old me you like simplicity and easy then continue on and do as you already are. Keep plugging away at that same old boring day job and keep it simple. Live life loving to hate your job and never doing anything about it.
Or you can take time and simply put forth a little effort yourself to learn what the Neothink Society is all about. There is going to be a time when this society is in the spotlight for its teachings and I urge you to check it out before you judge it.
Well if your like most of us Americans you don’t. Sometime in the near future as I said above, This literature will be in the mainstream media. It will be strongly criticized by our government and the public will jump on board as always without so much as a thought about it. Well just because the government says it’s bad doesn’t mean that it really is. Please seek to find the truth before you judge. There is two sides to every story, and in there lies the reality that the truth is not always as it is portrayed. I am a firm believer in all that these teachings have to offer, and owe great wealth and prosperity to Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society for all that I have achieved. And there is yet so much more to do.
I am a person who now challenges my mind and my physical ability on a daily basis. I have gone far and looking forward to going further. I am currently in the beginning stages of Launching my own business, and this would not have been possible for me without the influence of this learning. It set me on the beginning path to where I am now. I am looking forward to the future and pushing ahead a blossoming and growing highly successful business. I live everyday now with enthusiasm, and a zest for life, that was not possible for me about four years ago. Anyone can achieve great success with this information, but you must first open your eyes and then your mind.
There is a great quote that I recently read that I have adopted and am currently referring to as a reminder whenever needed. It is as reads below.
If everyone in the world followed the quote written above, we would have very few problems in society. Only the ones technology cannot solve yet. Simply because following the quote above forces you to use your energy (negativity included) to search for the answer through knowledge and a true understanding of others views. So many things in life have many correct answers, depending from which view you are looking. The solution then becomes one that everyone can live with.
So please do the work and put in the time before casting your ballot. Don’t let someone else do your thinking for you. Take control and you may be surprised what you find. You will certainly be surprised by the results. Become an achiever and leave behind the follower. Make a turn in your own life and see where it takes you. If you read the material as I did, you may not even see it coming (success).
I wrote this testimonial, without provocation. I feel compelled to give something back, and this hardly even makes a dent in what is owed. I can never repay Mark Hamilton for what he and the other members of the Neothink society have taught me. I am forever moving forward and who knows how far life will take me. All I know is that I will keep moving forward and enjoying the ride. My achievement in life is only held down by my own imagination. I will forever be inventing new ways to achieve, and keep raising the bar as I go. Success is limitless with the right mindset. The literature is here for everyone to enjoy so please indulge yourself, before it is gone forever.



Since becoming a member of the Neothink Society, I have learned how to live the life I was meant to live, not as others dictated to me, but my best life , the way it was meant to be lived.  You see, I did not know that I could do that before.  I was always making sacrifices before, feeling guilty, if I put myself first, not anymore.  I take care of myself first, this way, I am well able to take care of others who demand my attention.  Also, I was an over-eater, now I only eat when I am hungry, and sometimes, I just forget, because I am too busy creating other things I enjoy.

I am a very happy person today, compared to before NEOTHINK SOCIETY, where I was always sad and depressed about something.  Now I wake up each morning ready to go, full of life and looking forward to the day ahead.  One morning, I woke up, and it seemed like their was nothing of the old negativity left in me.  I was free, free to live life my life, with nothing holding me back, ready to change the world for the better.  The things that I have learned in the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, is the best information, the truth, that makes you free.  I wish this for every-one, so that no one has to endure the boring, routine rut life that’s in the world today.  Peace and Love to all.

Germaine M.



Reading Mark Hamilton’s writings has taught me to think. To do Neothink. I recognize it is external authorities that hold us in this anticivilization that we are trapped in.
Here are two examples:
1. The system we live in has used regulations and ever growing laws to suppress us. We have so many laws that while we follow one law we are breaking another.
2. Routine-rut jobs. These jobs hold us down. They make us feel we cannot move up into self-leadership.
This is how our internal awareness is blocked. External authorities use stimulations to make us feel taken care of. Yet each of us knows something is wrong. We know as we grow older that our lives have not been extraordinary. They tell us we need them to direct our lives. We have become addicted to them.
I have broken my addiction. I am using the most exciting opportunity ever offered to man to live the life I am meant to live.
As our supersociety builds the upward momentum we will know how to live our lives without external authorities. We will all have wealth and extreme happiness. We will be loving self-leaders. I know this as I am in this extradinary society with great happiness. I am following Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions. We will obsolete hate, spite and envy.
Thank you Mark Hamilton for opening the gate to me to accept your mentoring.

New York City



Dear Mark Hamilton,

You discovered me. I feel extraordinary again.  I received a letter of invitation in November 2005. In this letter was statement about possession of very special and rare traits in me.

Because of these traits, the society is willing to send me their secrets that lead to enormous wealth, love and the most phenomenal personal abilities.

I responded to that letter and received one after another three Large Multigenerational Books full of Love, Honesty, Hope and Guidance.

I read the material many times and began applying what I read in my life.  Early America was known as the land of opportunity. Many people came here with a dream and a passion to fulfill that dream.  My dream was: be the best value creator in this country. Took for many years of disappointments, illusions, and struggles.  I met in my life regulations, legislation, taxes, and routine-rut value-producing jobs. The smartest people lost their dream, they become nobody. Thank you my Dear Mark Hamilton for Mentoring, for your Greatness, for your Visions. I love them all! I knew now: I am truly special, feel extraordinary person, because of YOU Dear Mark!

I am very happy be a part of exclusive association of the successful people in the world. Thanks for finding me and bringing in that New World of Neothink Society. The Prime Law will remove man from creating, interpreting, and executing and new freedom will be everywhere on this planet.  The Prime Law is Universal Law.  The Prime Law is axiomatic. It needs no interpretation. It is what it is: No Initiatory Force.  Non-force/non-mystical business evolves conscious life toward peace, prosperity, and non-aging worldwide. I discovered my Friday-Night Essences: Twelve Visions Party and Vision Business Alliances. I was patient and took steps to learn more and more about the visions, party platform, and bylaws and implement it in real life.

The TVP is here in the State and in the country to make everyone healthy and wealthy by introducing a moral and just government of protection only. We have growing Clubhouses in the State, in the Country, and in the World!

Because of Mark Hamilton teaching, I am completely different person in terms of Success, Wealth and Happiness.  Our Twelve Vision Party will succeed and survive any pressure.

Wealth, Health and Peace




I have learned so much form reading the three heirloom book and the Pax book as well. All of it makes more sense then going against my own nature and doing things that did not make me happy. No I did not turn into a millionaire yet but I am working my way there and I do not want to be in a routine rut all of me life I started writing my first book and I am working on getting patterns for my inventions. I realized that a title means nothing and your not able to control someone else’s intake or reaction to a situation. Biological immortality is absolutely possible only if there in more of a drive for it from the public I also learned that the pieces of the puzzles do fit together as long as you work on them. Minnie days are efficient and I use the life chart on the first day of every month. I have a abundance of useful knowledge from reading these book and I highly recommend the lessons in them to everyone Mark Hamilton is not a monster he is a eye opener asking you not to glance at the world around you but to inspect it and find everything that you will ever need from within it especially yourself. He talks about Friday night essences really and truly looking into yourself in order to find what your good at. Then creating something out of it instead of being a producer for the rest of your life reaching the end and wishing you had done something different really grabbed on and followed your dreams.



I have to be perfectly honest with you, I have been raised as a hard working individual, I don’t have a lot of education, but I’m full of common sense. I have worked with my hands most of my life in construction, and for years now as a painting contractor. I have always knew that their has to be a better way of living, a better way of life. A doubtful person though just thinks this is it, this is all that my life has to offer, and it is easy to assume that way of thinking when your stuck in a routine rut of this life and job that we have to do to make a living, pay our bills, and just get by.
Sense you found me, Mr. Hamilton, I have been slowly reading and absorbing the books of the Neothink Society that I have so far and I want to tell you “WOW” this information, to see through appearances to the essence of things is helping me greatly! And also the information in these heirloom books Neothink Society is helping me see through the illusions we face today. I feel nothing but gratification to read, see, and feel these insights that are before me and coming into my life, to change my life for the better. I know when I meet or am around these people in the Neothink Society, I will be in company with some of the best people on earth because of reading this literature and because of sharing the same ideals and principles we will all agree on. This is going to be life changing for me and my family, I want to learn and understand about all the information in the Neothink Society that I can possibly take in, to make a better life for me and my family and hopefully help as many other wonderful people as best I can.
Mr. Hamilton, I want to Thank You very much for finding me, and to think as busy as we all know you are, to even think about helping me an many, many others is exemplary. True Greatness, I believe you are a genius. Your work has to keep growing and with the help of the Society that will continually grow, we all are behind you to make this world a better place to live, and a better life for everyone. Learning Values and Value Creating is wonderful for any person to learn and to apply in their life.
This is what America needs!
This is what the whole world needs!
Thank You very much for being my Mentor and a true friend.



My life sucked up until 3 years ago, when I received my first letter from Mark Hamilton. He told me that I was special, I was thinking ya right…but come to find out we are all special in our own unique way. You just have to find out what you love doing in life. Then once you do find out… The you to, will be special.
Everybody has a special unique talent in life, but most people never find out because they all live in this Anti-Civilization, having to live pay check to pay check, in the same boring routine-rut, trying to make ends meat, so that we can support our families, and because of this economy we can never get ahead in life. But once you read Mark Hamilton’s multi general manuscripts. It will pull you out of your stagnation traps, and pull you into a life of exhilaration, you will be in a whole new different world all together, not to mention a whole new way of thinking. You become happier, Healthier, and Wealthier. You will start loving life once again. Order our book.
Wealth, Health, Peace. Hurry while supplies last. 1-888-859-6859.
Thank You Mark Hamilton for every thing you do for this country. We all love you.
Michelle Anderson.