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Thank you Mark Hamilton! I am behind you 100%! I love what you have done for me. It means everything to me. Your literature is very powerful. My wife and I had a visitor not to long ago. I notice they look at me very hard like they wanted to say something. My wife walked them to the car to say goodbye to them. She came back in and said that they ask what in the world has he been doing? It has been only 2 months since I saw him. And it looks like he de-aged 20 years in 2 months! I cannot believe how young he looks! So my wife said that she told them the truth! That all I have been doing different is reading! Thank you again. Your literature is powerful.
Russel C. of Indian



Thank you for your literature. It wakes people up! I reread it and reread it. All innocent people should read it. I know for sure you are the real deal! I am behind you 100% .  I know you work very hard on this for 30 years. Thank you. It took 30 years for you to build a financial boat of freedom for everyone to get on. Thank you. Good honest money will point the way to real freedom. Politics will not. People can see that! Everything you say is true. I am very excited about voting in a tvp president to help change the world. I am very excited about seeing my friends all over the new world live in happiness. Thank you. Russel C. of Indiana.


Thankyou  Mark Hamilton. I am behind you 100%. All innocent people should read your literature. I read and reread your literature. It is the best literature on this planet. Once again all innocent people should read your literature. And vote for the Twelve Vision Party. Thankyou again- Russel C. of In.