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I’d like to take this time to praise the people who believe in a change for a better life for all. I love the way the books portray a new society where people really live there lives.
These are not words of a madman, but of a man that feels we are going in the wrong direction, and doing nothing will only bring us there quicker.
People are victims of their own passiveness. They are brainwashed threw the media, which is government owned. So that when anyone tries to go against them they are persecuted as a tyrant.
This country is in great need of change before it is too late. We need less government involvement and more personal responsibility for our own actions. Dependence on our government is just a modern version of slavery.
Our elected officials promise us the world and when elected they tell US what they’re going to do. No, our elected officials are there to do what we will have them do.
I support Mark Hamilton’s vision hope others will wake up and here the call. Out there is world begging for change, you think I’ll let it go you mad . It starts with YOU !



I am deeply grateful for having come across Mark Hamilton’s vision for a better society for all people around the world. Mr. Hamilton’s projection for a better future for all people is what has instilled the hope back in to my heart.


Dear Mark:
What I learned from reading your publications, two to three thousands pages more or less in total, tops everything else I have study or read anywhere, outside of the Bible, from science, the universe to the history of religion.
Simply stated, I equate what your thirty-year effort has put out, easily to receiving a master to a doctors degree from any well-known college.
While recommending to others what you have accomplished in the past three decades or so within the Neothink Society and now our Society’s vision of the Twelve Visions Party (TVP, here is what I am prepared to verbalize, and if need be to publish it.
The Neothink Society and its TVP vision in today’s turbulent and corrupt political world are without a doubt our future, and the direction our Country and its people should be prepared to support!
The flawless prime law is what we need, not our presents flaw filled laws, with men and women and their endless personal agenda and ego driven law, forever getting us deeper into debt, with one entitlement program after another, which we and our posterity will never be able to pay.
New amendments to our present laws will direct all political decisions and actions, and restrict career, nest-feathering bureaucrats to protect citizens from initiatory force.
At such fundamental essence, government protects its people, and most patriotic Americans will support such and all efforts towards this end.
No initiatory law, not just politicians and career bureaucrats, but all loving patriotic Americans can determine the proper protection under our amended laws.
Who is in office, personal agendas, endless opinions, party affiliations, self-aggrandizing morons, and the election of unqualified elected demagogues, should come to an abrupt end.
Such as the idea of naming our proposed health care plan after a well known political philanderer should make most loving American feel embarrassed at such warped idea. Only a congress full of leftist ideologues could come up with such an idiotic idea.
What party holds power should become irrelevant no matter who becomes our next president. Flaw filled men and women should no longer control our government.
Thank you for your tireless effort! Rey



When I consider my life, and the events of my life as they have unfolded, I see a chart that clearly defines just how much coming into contact with the Neothink® Society of Mark Hamilton has reinserted the life lifting joy that I was meant to have.  Please view my Pictorial Testimony, below, for a clear picture of just how thankful I am to have received the books and inspirations of Mark Hamilton. 

  • In the beginning you will notice that I was at the highest level of life.  A new birth. I had it all waiting to unfold before me.  As an innocent child I received constant love and attention to my needs.  This gave me inspiration to live and grow.


  • In the world I soon began to sit up and explore my new world. I looked out to the world with pure excitement for each new life experience. Everything I did was pure joy and happiness for me as I continued to experience my life of wonder.


  • Then I began to walk; this was when I started my journey of independence in life.  Sometimes I fell down; this is when I experienced unhappiness for the first time.  

               But I continued on walking through life supported by the love of my friends and Family.

  • As I continued to grow, I learned to become an independent individual.  Now I have experienced happiness, self-discovery, sadness coupled with happiness; and have gained the ability to learn from life’s lessons.  These lessons now form my ideas on what life means to me.   I still believe in seeking happiness and joy in life as I journey on. 


  • As I got older in life’s journey. I did well in college; I had started to think about what I wanted my future to become.  But I was on my own now and I knew my life was going to be what I made of it.  I worked hard in school so that I could become an achiever in life.  I Soon became successful in life after college…I was working in the education field.  Then something had happened in time; now my life was just about my job. I had lost my joy for living and I felt I was just in a rut.  


  •       I had it all….good career, owned my home, paid all my bills on time, established a 401K; I should have been happy right?  No, as you can see when connecting the dots, my life has been in constant decline.  Why is that? It is because something had been forgotten in life as I had moved through meeting life’s responsibilities….I had forgotten to value the beauty that is me, the Joy of Living Life!  I lost my creativity for living life joyfully.


  •      Then it happened…..


I received a letter from Mark Hamilton that has totally changed my life.  I began to read his life altering manuscripts, and I joined the Neothink® Society.  It was as if I had received a letter sealed in a bottle, and tossed out to me where I stood alone on the shores of life’s disillusionment. Because of the material I read in Mark

Hamilton’s books and the Neothink® Society member library; I have a renewed exhilaration Life!

Thank You So Very Much Mr. Hamilton.                                                                                                                                 

Elaine R, Thanks you in… 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, & beyond!


I am deeply grateful for having come across Mark Hamilton’s vision for a better society for all people around the world. Mr. Hamilton’s projection for a better future for all people is what has instilled the hope back in to my heart.

Warm Regards,

Belinda C