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Are you Plato or Aristotle?
Mystic or Realistic?
Are you a negative or a positive,
night or day, A ying or a yang?
Slow down you say!
Is it important anyway?
Will you keep living in a dream
or live your reality?
Will you be honest or
a cheat?
Will you love or defeat
Will the two ever meet?
Do you choose to
Sacrifice or Produce?
You will have to choose to be
or not to be happy.
Maria Cronin


Dear Mark Hamilton,
I just want you to know that I am very grateful to be a member of the Neothink Society.
One day, I looked at my life and I was not satisfied. I was grateful, but not satisfied. I began to seriously think about what my life would be like if I took responsibility for everything that happened to me. I wondered if I could truly be in control of my life.
One of the first things I did was to forgive my parents. I used to blame them because my mother made certain decisions for me that I did not agree with and my father did certain things I did not agree with. But I finally realized that they were doing the very best they knew how based on the information they had. It was a wonderful thing to be able to do that. After that, I worked through a whole list of people.
In addition, every day I would say to myself that I did not want to be a victim anymore. I wanted to take full responsibility and change my life. I had no idea why I was responsible or how I could take charge and be in control, but I expressed it everyday.
Then one day a letter came. My husband showed it to me and said he was seriously attracted to this particular opportunity and wanted my opinion. I recognized the language from a previous opportunity we took advantage of years ago and I responded that we should purchase the books.
Through reading the Neothink literature, I have learned how to take responsibility and how to gain more control in my life. First, by using the mini-day schedule I have control in my life. I also learned that I was confused because of mysticism. I realized I could not take responsibility for my actions and be in control if I was listening to and following various confusing external authorities. After I started removing external authorities, I could think clearer. I could recognize non-sequitors. I could see that altruism and sacrifice were not in harmony with biological immortality as I was taught in a particular organization. I began to see the power of integrated honesty and I began to understand that I am a God-woman and a co-creator of the universe. I started having a little more control over what I was creating in my life. It has been almost like a “magical” experience to me.
I am so grateful to have experienced the Twelve Visions World at the very first Twelve Visions Party Convention and World Neothink Summit. I always look forward to participating in the Club House here in Chicago every month and getting together with my Neothink brothers and sisters. Having Club Houses and being able to connect with people of like mind has made a difference in my life. Further, my involvement with the Global Information Network is helping me tremendously in my growth and development, especially in getting to the level to be, have, or do whatever I desire.
I am striving to be honest, beginning with my self. You have demonstrated to me that honesty does set you free. I know that I am a self-leader and that all the answers are within me. There’s nothing that I want to go back towards. I will continue to move forward.
Thank you so much, Mark,
Fahmeeda H