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Letter To Mark Hamilton:
My name Is Dyrl, and I am a member of the Neothink and clubhouse. I have had a three year testimonial.
I have had a five year history with the Heirloom, which has enlighten my life and has given me insight to how my life should be conducted, with style and satisfaction, above all knowledge. Mark Hamilton has uplifted my personality.
The Testimonial generates is priceless, I also learned the miniday and schedule has helped me with my Business. Mark Hamilton Thank you Again


I’m 50 years of age I feel more alive now being expose to the best thing ever Neothink.
They say life begins at 40 but my life and living began with the discovery of learning a new way of thinking and the insights I’ve read. Value is so important to me now as my wife is hearing impaired but as achieve so much in her work, or value she gives. We all spend more time at work then at home. Learning to value my work that I give to others and my employer makes work not a chore any more but a great satisfaction. I often tell patients in the hospital that we all have values to give even if they are unable to do the same thing before a injury or illness, even if it’s a small contribution to give to our society. I use the pieces of



What other choice is out there for us?  I go to work everyday watching the and listening to the dis-satisfaction on peoples faces and coming out of their mouths. Knowing the ugly truths about what they say and why they feel the way that they do.  Being stuck in an illusion filled world were we are constantly being used, manipulated, intimidated, and just plain broken down until we begin to give up looking for a way out.  Well Mark Hamilton has provided a way out.  The evolution of man is a necessity and has been long awaited. If you walk away with nothing but the knowledge and belief  that you yourself has control of your own present and future, then the possibilities of a greater day are not far off.