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Dear Mark Hamilton,
When the Neothink® Society first reached out to me in the fall of 2004 in fully integrate honesty I had to say that I was skeptical.  After a lifetime of experiencing all the dishonesty and scams over and over again I had built a “brick wall” to shelter myself.  Yet there was something compelling about the Neothink® marketing material that touched my heart.  I did my due diligence and concluded, “What did I have to lose?”  Fortunately for me I had been studying “economics” for five years when Mark Hamilton and the Neothink® society approached me because I was aware that we were in the “information age”.  I was also aware that information was the “new money”.  From the Neothink® marketing materials I discerned that their product was information.



Thanks to the Neothink Society I am coming out of my “shyness shell” and experiencing a better life.
I am gaining valuable friends that I did not have before becoming a member.
I am learning more now than I have in the past.
I am also more productive with projects and accomplish them in less time with less stress.
I am dealing with problems now easier and with less trouble.
I am no longer being ripped off by scams because I now see through to the truth.
As I see reality more clearly, my life is becoming more fun and exciting!
Ralph H. Merritt