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I was not on the right track of life before I received my first Neothink literature was offered to me.  When I received it I started reading it and saw something that was not taught in any school. I kept reading and finally saw what was missing from my life and it was pure reality and no lies or half truths. No made up history or anything else like I had found out about school books which are full of manufactured stories about our history.

 Neothink has given me my life back in a much better way. I follow no one but myself and that was the way I was meant to be.  Schools don’t and can’t teach that as the only things that public schools teach is how to be a follower. That only leads to a life of slow death.

Neothink does not hurt or lie to people…..quite the opposite is true. Neothink is only about helping regular people getting their lives back in the right direction to be successful, healthy and happy.

The TVP (Twelve Visions Party) has the same idea. Helping this country to get back on track to be what it should be.  That means not hurting people but helping its people.  The TVP can and will make this country a showpiece of how great the whole world can be.

 Mark Hamilton has written the most beautiful works that I have ever read.  He is truly a visionary of these troubling times that we all live in. He needs to be able to continue with what he and the whole Neo-Thing Society have been doing – HELPING PEOPLE!

I have been to one of their seminars and got to meet the worlds most loving and caring people. They were the nicest people that I have ever met. I am proud to be one of them.

I was once headed down, and I am now constantly heading up. That is due to being with Neothink and Mark Hamilton.  I thank him and love him and the whole Neothink Society.

 Scott Jordan – long time Neothink member.