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My name is Armando Vega, a proud Neothink member who has learned many valuable concepts that I could never learn in the ruling class society I live in. I have learned how to be an integrated thinker and an everyday value producer. This in addition to one day becoming a value creator which will enable me to finally fulfill my essence and the role of consciousness.
The Neothink society is no small time organization which looks to deceive people, quite the contrary it is the answer to problems in our civilization as we know it. To make business the fountainhead of all solutions and eliminate dishonest political market businessmen who continue to extract values from the value creators of the world. My benefit is in my new found way of integrated thinking to become a problem solver and create values for society as opposed to creating problems where none exist.
The TVP party will change this country and help make everyone including the poor wealthy. The cheaters of society are concerned about the movement because it threatens their way of being. A new world is upon us a place where geniuses can be freed from regulations and restrictions which for example, prevent the medical profession from making major scientific breakthroughs. We are approaching a time where the world needs change and prosperity for all people not just the select few. I know that the TVP will be the only party capable of making this dream of prosperity for all a reality.
As I have mentioned in my previous testimony I am a better person and truly complete with my integrated way of thinking. My ability to see through illusions is a skill I have developed thanks to the Neothink literature and clubhouse meetings I have attended. My desire is to continue learning more and fulfilling my potential as a value creator who can create more values for society. To prosper and teach others the Neothink way and hopefully in time the TVP movement will become the political party of choice. Those who want to take down the TVP and Neothink are fearful of the truth and are desperately trying to stop a train with lots of momentum. Long live Neothink and the TVP!



I am not an American Citizen. But I do respect a lot the United States of America and ALL of their people. These same people, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, should be allowed the opportunity to have the choice to elect or to reject Mark Hamilton and its Twelve Visions Party, along with its Neothink mentality and its Neothink Society. Whatever happens in the United States of America affects the rest of the world, especially the economic and financial issues. But as a citizen of Mexico, that meaning, as a Mexican National, whatever happens in the U.S.A. affects more powerfully my country and my people that many other countries. That´s why I am most concerned of what happens within our neighbor of the north.

The Neothink movement and its Twelve Visions Party do offer what no one has offered to the American People: biological immortality, ending a political system that has stopped many scientific breakthroughs that had cost thousands if not millions of lives, not only within the U.S.A., but in the whole planet. And that is not a mistake as someone told me once: THAT´S A CRIME!!!

I do not mean talking American politics because I do not feel, neither I do have, the right to do so, because I am not an American Citizen. But I am a citizen of the world and thus I am very concerned about American politics because it affects the rest of the planet.

These people, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, care for the individual and therefore put the individual before any other entity. If a government ignores the individual it may fall into a tyranny even though a democracy may have chosen someone or some Congressmen/Congresswomen, Governors, Majors, etc. through the polls.

The U.S.A. is facing probably the most difficult and hard times since its creation in the 18th Century. Worst times may be on their way for the American People and for the rest of the world. As an Economist I consider a horrible Economic/Political/Social/ Storm are on its way very soon in the United States of America. Only a person who has experience, wisdom, will power, real and true knowledge, as Mark Hamilton does have, can be the best option to order things in our northern neighbor. As a Mexican National, and being witness of many, many Mexicans who struggle and suffer in that country I DO CARE, and I do have the right to say what I think. I do not have the option to vote to elect the next President of the United States of America, but if I did have it, I would definitely and without any hesitations CHOOSE AND VOTE FOR MARK HAMILTON TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

I have never met him personally, but I have read a lot of what he has written. I wish I could write as well as he does. And although English is NOT my mother language, I do consider what he writes as master pieces of thinking. Therefore, I can say that Mark Hamilton is a great visionary, probably the great leader that the U.S.A. had always needed as its President and Commander in Chief, but had never have. I do now people for what they write and by how they write. Writing is not an easy matter for a lot of us. And in this area, Mark Hamilton rules above all of us. He has a lot of good to do for the people, because he is a compassionate person that really cares for the people. Isn´t that what Thomas Jefferson meant when he wrote in the USA Declaration of Independence ”a government for the people, by the people…?

I do not know how the politicians in Washington allowed other things coming before the real needs of the American individuals. It´s time for a real change, and I not meaning what President Obama “wanted” as “THE CHANGE WE NEED”, because to this day that change IS NOT A GOOD CHANGE, BUT A BAD ONE. Just ask a lot of unemployed Americans what do they think now of “THE CHANGE WE NEED” slogan, and if Obama has successfully fulfilled his Campaign promises. I don´t think he has. The future of the American Economy is as darker as my hair: black.

My grandparents here in Mexico suffered a lot after our Revolution. Times were very hard and earning a living was extremely difficult for them. The same happened for the American people who lived just after the Great Depression of 1929. Why falling again in a new economic depression? Mark Hamilton has the right plan in this extremely troubled times to solve the great economic problems menacing his country. He is young and he knows how though flourish under hard times. That´s why I think he is the only best person to drive his country into a new and prosperous future. And now, the dark forces of his country want to suppress him and knock him down because they see in him a powerful menace to their interests and to the status quo. And that is not taking care of the real needs of the American People, least of each and every American Individual.

Here in Mexico, I have suffered and still I am suffering the attempts of evil people to stop me anyway, anyhow. I do know what it feels being attacked. I do remember once being told by a Mexican waiter, who told me these words when I tried to study a MBA in the U.S.A.  A lot of years ago: “WHEN THEY SEE SOMEONE LIKE YOU, THEY WANT TO DESTROY AND TO RUIN YOU”. The same is happening with Mark Hamilton and I do regret that sincerely.

The evil forces trying to stop Mark Hamilton and his movement should let him and his Twelve Visions Party along with its Neothink be let openly to be elected or rejected in the ballot boxes by the American People. Otherwise those forces will only proof their true nature: criminal minds trapped in their own matrixes of dishonesties, crimes, and falsehoods. Those minds, if successful in destroying Mark Hamilton will only proof their tyrannical and despotic natures. Not respecting Mark Hamilton’s right to be voted for or against by his own people, would be the worst crime these evil people would have committed ever.

I remember a great philosopher having written something like this: “When they tried to silence someone, they are recognizing his superiority.”