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Dear Mark,
Thank you for your tuition. Your Mentoring on value creation and integration has changed my life completely. A life of joy and excitement at the prospect of becoming the person I was meant to be!. Producing and creating values for a better world, a prosperous world, based on honesty and wide scope accounting. Neothink removes the irrationalities of society to bring the next step in mans development into Neothink. We must prevail whatever the cost.


Mark Hamilton and Neothink targets the essence of life and its nature. Mark Hamilton’s literature releases an immense excitement and enhances a persons way of living. Ever since I began reading his literature, I transcended to a new way of being, knowing and seeing with wide scope images and extravagant thoughts. After reading some of his literature, I suddenly felt awaken, accelerated, high in life. Mark Hamilton’s devotion and contribution is the ultimate to me, his literature has helped me adjacent my mind and soul and also made me feel invigorated and elated. Thank You Mark Hamilton I love your work. Thanks to YOU I finally know my purpose in life.



Mark  Hamilton’s Neothink and Twelve Visions Party is exactly what humanity needs.  Everyone who reads Mr. Hamilton’s work will realize they are more important and responsible then they ever thought.

The wisdom learned in Neothink and The Twelve Visions Party has depth and power to change any ones life for the better and others to, from their success.

Think of this:  If the creators of the Constitution were alive today they would be like Mr. Hamilton.

The creation of the Constitution, (if followed) is still better then the rest.  Do we read the Constitution and understand it.

Read and understand Neothink, Twelve Visions Party, and elevate your scope and broaden your view of what is before you, for success, and the journey through life with happy people making it a pleasant world to live in.

With Gratitude,   MJ