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The writing of Mark Hamilton has not only given me the impetus to turn my dwindling life around, but, has provided me the insight and knowledge to set my heart, mind, and soul on a path to ultimate happiness, prosperity, and longevity! I am, and will be, eternally grateful for the wisdom attained from this remarkable man.

The years I wasted in futile fear and consternation around my own woefully inadequate self image, have been replaced with a new confidence and joy in my own depth of vision. I have found the determination to reach for and fulfill my own vision for my life, and those around me. What small wisdom I



Hey this is Darren W. I just want thank you for being part of my life. Your Heirloom package have been a life saver for me. Over the last six month I have separated myself from a life Mysticism. I am my on authority and my mind get stronger everyday. I talk to everybody about Your Heirloom packages and changes it has made in my life.

Here are some change I have made because of your writing:

Mysticism was rampant in my bicameral mentality as a man, but I understand why and how to change for the better of me and my family. The power of Neothink is the only way of thinking to save mankind and all of humanity. Mystical Governments thinking is tearing our world apart. TVP is the greatest and right approach in getting all of humanity moving toward honesty, integrity, a good positive, “Gosh!” attitude.

I, Darren W, am a person of integrity with a good, positive, “Gosh!” attitude and specific goals. I have a high energy level, am enthusiastic, and take pride in my appearance and what I do. I have a healthy self-image, a passion for what is right, and a solid hope for the future.

I am proud to be part of the Neothink Society and Twelve Vision Party.