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Dear Mark Hamilton,
Although my involvement with the Neothink Society has been quite recent (since December 2009 when I received my first heirloom), the impact of your literature, of the Neothink society, and of the growing Twelve Visions Party on my life has already been profound.
First of all the literature: I am a person that attempts to start to apply the techniques I learn fairly rapidly. Although there remains much to be learned and absorbed, already my life has taken a quantum leap, in terms of the successful integration and application of business information, rational decision-making (and ensuing success) with respect to my personal life, and most importantly, the development of self leadership qualities.
These profound benefits have also been achieved as a result of my involvement and friendships with the Neothink Society, to the point of developing true, sincere, pure love friendships, and a continued, profound love for myself. My belief, Mark Hamilton, that your teachings, insights, and integrations make a SIGNIFICANT contribution to individuals, and NEEDS to continue to be imparted to the world, is one of the primary reasons why I wish to make my GIN business a global, sprawling, magnificent reality. Due to the Neothink principles apparent in the business, GIN will be, and is, a huge success. It was a priority for me to ensure that you were my upline, and that is another reason I chose Jill Reed to sponsor me – due to her commitment to Neothink expressed not only in her words and theories, but in her actions, and due to the fact hat she is directly enrolled under you. I wanted you, Mark Hamilton, to personally and financially benefit from my success. It is a personal belief of mine that when we support leaders, true leaders that display integrated honesty such as yourself, we support so many many people in that process.
Your writings and speeches on the Twelve Visions Party, and on the Prime Law, leave me with the cognition that a true solution exists for each individual on earth. As you stated, “reason is dead,” and I sometimes fear that individuals will not see the truth in what you write and speak. But in what I am learning on the Law of Vibration and attraction, these thoughts of mine are not to be dwelled upon, but rather the truth and beauty of what it is that you as the leader of the The Neothink Society, and the Society itself, are creating.
If these writings and the efforts of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party were to be taken away, unfortunately I fear the absolute worst for the world. The time is ripe to continue to make strides in the NTS and TVP movements, and to remove, at the very least within ourselves, any iota of mysticism from our lives, and take full responsibility for ourselves and our results.


Our founder, friend and mentor Mark Hamilton has the vision that will bring this country and the world a new beginning with peace and prosperity for everyone. We are bringing forth these ideals through the Twelve Visions Party now and for many years to come, with the Prime Law and a protection only style of government, that will return our country to a true Republic as designed by our forefathers.
Please know at this point in time in my life, I have made a great change in the way I think and act, from a few years ago. I attribute these good changes to the writings and mentoring of Mr. Mark Hamilton and of course to the wonderful friendships I have made in the Neo-Think Society with all of the like minded people, that have also been inspired and mentored by Mr. Hamilton.
As a true Neothink person, the primary function is to remove all bonds of external authority and rely on myself to make judgments and actions to guide my progress through this life in accordance with the Prime Law, by the way this is called Self Leadership. We must always be honest with ourselves and others to be free from the need to seek approval from any perceived authority.
Here is an example of what can happen to us when we use the good business information Mr. Hamilton has given us in his mentoring and writings. I have used “self capture” to secure my financial future and that of my family, by getting involved, with my Neothink friends in our LLC, in a large project that will bring prosperity to us and the community, of course this is only the beginning as we will progress through “company capture” and “world capture” to go international as well. Note: the how to is in the literature by Mark Hamilton.
I can only assure you that what Mr. Hamilton has given us, indeed will change our beautiful country and the world to bring peace, wealth and health to all the people everywhere!
Peace and Love to you and yours,
W.T. Singer “Bill”


Dear Mark Hamilton,
I want to tell you sincerely, how your literature has dramatically improved my life.
Prior to reading Neothink materials, so much of what I have read and have been exposed to, has either been couched in either lies, or has been an assembly of other peoples’ opinions (many of which are erroneous) that are unquestioningly accepted as facts or truths.

Neothink philosophy and literature, and the Twelve Visions Party are based on – and encourage – independent thought and self leadership.


In the mainstream of today’s Society, as well as in the past, there have lurked many insidious individuals, groups and organizations with only their selfish intent to dominate, control and manipulate the masses for their personal gain at the expense of the unsuspecting and trusting masses. Many illusions have been presented to the masses in order to orchestrate the complete manipulation of these bodies of “sheeple”. These malleable “sheeple” have been fed much propaganda by the parasitical elite to have them blindly follow the tenets of their destructive teachings in order to lead them down a path of personal misinformation, ambiguity, confusion and non self realization of their true potential and to deny them the opportunity of true self governance and self leadership by obfuscating and distorting the reality of the true essence of a/the situation(s).
By keeping the peoples of the World ignorant of the true actual ‘what is’ of any given situation the parasitical elite that would wish to control and manipulate the masses for their own personal gain and self aggrandizing egos are able to do this by distorting the true facts of reality and keep the “sheeple” of the World uninformed by feeding them untruths, half-truths, distortions and malicious mental fodder in order to divide and conquer them.
History is replete and complete with many examples of these many tricks, diversions and deliberately confusing tactics. The parasitical elite are deathly afraid of their little gimmicks becoming known to the masses, for if they were, their little reign of power would be no more as the masses became self educated and self leading. The parasitical elite would be kicked to the curb as their corrupt methods were exposed and that is the last thing they would like to see.
However, there is now in actuality a Society that has exposed the corrupt methods and obfuscating manipulations of these parasitical elite. That is the Neothink® Society. Once having familiarized oneself with the writings and teachings of this Neothink® Society all of the cheating methods and gimmicks of the parasitical elite society are exposed for all of the peoples of the World to see and understand. One can readily see how the power base of the parasitical elite society has been garnered and has been able throughout History to manipulate, gain and keep control over the uninformed peoples of the World. The Neothink® Society will be portrayed to be the nemesis of all that is good and just in the parasitical elite society, and it is. But it is the edification and exposing of information to you of the shenanigans of the parasitical elite society that they do not wish you to know about as it would dismantle their base of power and allow the peoples of the World to lead themselves and to realize their full potential as self actualizing Human ‘BE’ings.
The Neothink® Society has opened my eyes wide to the indoctrinations of the parasitical elite society that has tried to lead me as they wished me to go, but had only succeeded in keeping me in a constant state of mental questioning, confusion and turmoil for the better part of fifty years. I say tried because although I was in the midst of all of their teachings, preaching and tactics I somehow never felt really comfortable with what I was being force fed through all of their outlets. Somehow the whole thing just did not gel with me. I was constantly questioning and searching for answers for I felt deep down in my being that there had to be something ‘More’ to the equation. Something that I was just not getting or had not found yet.
Once having found the Neothink® Society all of those questions and searching for answers was no more. I had found the answers to all of my wanderings. The Neothink® Society provided the light and the clarity of the heretofore unknown to me. I now saw the parasitical elite society’s ploys for what they were. To plagiarize, ‘I once was lost, but now am found’. ‘I once was blind, but now I see.’
The Neothink® Society can remove the veil of obfuscation from you, for you, if you are in need of that. The Neothink® Society has a great vision for all of the peoples of the World in order for them to manifest for themselves the true realization of all they are capable of becoming and to remove the shackles of the parasitical elite society that only wishes to keep them uninformed, ignorant and led as sheeple to do their bidding for them. Discover for yourself the other side of the coin and to see the reality of the situation as it really is through the Neothink® Society literature. It is indisputable, irrefutable and totally logical. You will be able to see through the illusions that your ‘Lords’ and ‘Masters’ do not wish you to see for you know not that you are being manipulated. You may think you are ‘free’, yet you are not. The Neothink® Society will set you ‘free’ as it has done for me.
A great Vision of the Neothink® Society is to ‘free’ all of the peoples (sheeple) of the World (Whirled). This is to be done through a new wonderful Political Party movement called the Twelve Visions Party (TVP). One of the goals of the TVP is to have Politics ran as a business, a successful business. In it there will be no egos, no Lobbyists and no influential groups or favoritism of one over the other. It will be ran as a business by businessmen and women with no Political aspirations for there will be no Political curry or favor to be gained, therefore no climbing through the Political ranks via your ability to curry favor or influence with one group over another. All will be equal, truly. It will be a Political Party with no Politics. It will truly be a business organization streamlined for efficiency and productivity with little or no waste and only true and honest results at the end of the day for all.
Can you now see why the parasitical elite do not wish you to know of this and why they will do everything in their power to dismantle, thwart, impugn, disrupt, malign and destroy the Neothink® Society and the Twelve Visions Party (Political – but yet not)? It would be an end to their control over the masses and an end to their reign of corrupt power. They do not wish to lose that so they will denigrate in every way the efforts of the Neothink® Society and the TVP. Please do not let that happen. Inform, educate and prepare yourself for the battle that is coming. Take back your life, your Country. Do it for yourself, your children and grandchildren, their progeny and your Family Tree.
I have made my stand and I will be with the Neothink® Society and the Twelve Visions Party as I see them as our only salvation.
Chris G


What you think most about most of the time becomes reality in the given sense of how much you believe in it. Mark Hamilton has/is teaching me, and others like me…the path towards that self-realization.
It is in our grasp to achieve great things for ourselves and society at large to degree that we can incorporated and implement the lessons given by Mr. Hamilton in his literature and through his personal commitment toward self-excellence…form of self-leadership!
We are to one degree or another related to each other…distant cousins in reality. Akin to the Buddha’s analogy of multi-faceted gem…each facet reflecting a different reality. So in a sense we are all facets of a greater dreams exemplified in the person of Mark Hamilton!


Dear Brother, I am writing you to let you know some really good news.
I know that you have been a seeker most of your life…and that you are still looking for answers. It can all be found in Mark Hamilton’s Neothink materials for they will set you free from your bi-cameral dilemma/impasse. First know that what you have been seeking…has been seeking you…and remember that everything has a reason; karma-related!
Life is a series of choices…in how we make our choices will bring other results as well.
As a family…we really weren’t given any information or advice on how to grow up…it was just assumed that somehow we would catch on…as our parents never taught a mythology on how to deal with the outside world.
Our parents didn’t know, so they couldn’t teach us anything beyond necessary body maintenance. But we knew that we weren’t given the total picture; because of the struggle and difficulty of making in this world. We never had any plan or idea on how to accomplish that plan of making it…beyond a livelihood.
Now…I understand, it wasn’t any more their fault…nor was it was their parents fault and so forth.
Therefore, we spent most of our lives looking for that road-map towards success and personal happiness. Not realizing at the time that it all falls back on the individual to decide and make the life choices himself. Form of self-leadership.
And this form of self-leadership comes by following a mentor/teacher…a teacher who knows more of what life is; and how you can make it better!!!
So…like you, I started reading books, going to seminars…teachings; to find the answers that I sought. Finally came to Buddhism…when I picked-up Gradual Awakening by S. Levine…mid 80s. And that book started my journey into Buddhism…by the 1990s I was following Sogyal Rinpoche, author of Tibetan Book of Living & Dying.
And by 2000, I was seeking refuge…to begin my training as a vajrayana student.
This went on until just recently…until six months I started receiving Mark Hamilton’s first of three volumes secrets of secrets. And within a week…my depression stopped; and my enthusiasm came back to my art; and resulting Friday Nite Essence.
Which meant…that I was motivated with a game plan…road map as it were…showing the methods in determining one’s own fate…and not leaving it to another?
In order words…a way out of the impasse and towards self-fulfillment at the highest level!!!
We may have the good karmic fortune to find a teacher…but it takes effort to maintain that special link.


Neothink and the literature has cleared the cob webs of my mind . To a better understanding of why people and governments do what they do. I am no longer supertisish I can read and see circumstances as they really are. The world is filled with 3000 year old mindset of not thinking for ones self and blindingly following the leaders like sheep. My experience with the literature and concepts has shown me how important it is to develop self leadership and think and act for my self . I have also learned alot about how the brain functions and how Neothink and neothink has made a major break through in my life and circumstances.
More importantly the literature speaks to the inner child in us all.
Live Life With Passion


Honest Leadership

Honest Leadership….

Like most Americans today, I have found that honest leadership, whether in government or in big business, was next to impossible to find – whether in the U.S. or in the majority of other countries around the world. I had thrown my hands up at the political process here, having seen that it made no difference whom you voted for – they all ended up pulling this country down and had only come into the various offices in order to fulfill their own greedy, personal agendas. Many businesses are operating much the same way, especially a lot of the larger corporations that wield their power so dishonestly. I had really lost hope.

I regained that hope through exposure to a man named Mark Hamilton, and through examination of his literature and his Neothink Society it became crystal clear to me (as it has to thousands of others) that this man has the right ideas, the right plans and the honesty that I was so desperately seeking. I had learned some leadership skills as a soldier in the armed forces, but those skills couldn’t compare with the honest, self-leadership skills that I gained through this man and took to heart – all the while applying them into my life.

A Neothink member had mentioned a point that we all echo, whether we are fellow members or are other fine citizens of this republic: “We need honest people to lead this country” the operative phrase in that sentence being: “to lead.”

“To lead” does not mean to usurp, force, hold back, blind, starve, or mislead by physical, legislative, economic, political, agricultural, religious, medical, scientific, psychological operations (PSYOPS), “cognitive infiltration,” “doublespeak,” or any other means.

Business defines “leadership in an organizational role” thusly: “(1) establishing a clear vision, (2) sharing (communicating) that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, (3) providing the information, knowledge, and methods to realize that vision, and (4) coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members or stakeholders. A leader comes to the forefront in case of a crisis, and is able to think and act in creative ways in difficult situations. Unlike management, leadership flows from the core of a personality and cannot be taught, although it may be learnt and may be enhanced through coaching or mentoring.”

Mark fills that definition of “leadership in an organizational role” and adds definition many times over – yet he does so with the simplicity and honesty which we can all understand, trust, follow, work with, integrate, and build on. He is that honest leader that all Americans are so desperately seeking. He is helping thousands of others to become the honest, peaceful self-leaders that they are meant to be. That is why we can rely on his Twelve Visions Party to turn this country around…he and his party really fit the bill that the people seek….

Find out more about him for yourself and renew your hopes and dreams. Read his literature and read his Party’s Platform. You too will be thrilled at the prospects.

Liz Szarka, New York




Reading Mark Hamilton’s writings has taught me to think. To do Neothink. I recognize it is external authorities that hold us in this anticivilization that we are trapped in.
Here are two examples:
1. The system we live in has used regulations and ever growing laws to suppress us. We have so many laws that while we follow one law we are breaking another.
2. Routine-rut jobs. These jobs hold us down. They make us feel we cannot move up into self-leadership.
This is how our internal awareness is blocked. External authorities use stimulations to make us feel taken care of. Yet each of us knows something is wrong. We know as we grow older that our lives have not been extraordinary. They tell us we need them to direct our lives. We have become addicted to them.
I have broken my addiction. I am using the most exciting opportunity ever offered to man to live the life I am meant to live.
As our supersociety builds the upward momentum we will know how to live our lives without external authorities. We will all have wealth and extreme happiness. We will be loving self-leaders. I know this as I am in this extradinary society with great happiness. I am following Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions. We will obsolete hate, spite and envy.
Thank you Mark Hamilton for opening the gate to me to accept your mentoring.

New York City



What do Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party stand for?  They stand for freedom, self-leadership, self-responsibility, value creation, as well as unimaginable health, wealth, and prosperity for ALL Americans.  Mark Hamilton is a visionary and the Twelve Visions Party is the conduit through which his visions will become a reality.

Mark Hamilton, through many years of making wide-scope Neothink integrations has very eloquently articulated in writing the most intimate and precious dreams of each and every individual in his Twelve Visions platform.  Until now, no person has possessed the mental capacity, the principles, or the courage to present ideas of pure honesty and rationality to the world while offering to create the conditions to make each individual’s dream become a reality.  It is with this understanding that I must offer to Mark Hamilton my deepest and most sincere gratitude for creating the Twelve Visions Party.

Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”    Every four years the American voters go to the voting booths and elect a politician to the office of President of the United States of America.  Bizarrely, they expect each newly elected President to come into office and be “different”.   Each time a new President or elected official fails to deliver on campaign promises and displays his corrupt nature the American voter feels a sense of betrayal, frustration, outrage, or even worse, hopelessness.  In these tumultuous times it would be insane to keep putting a self-serving politician into ANY office, especially the office of President.  The Twelve Visions Party is finally the viable alternative.  A Twelve Visions Party candidate would be the anti-politician.    The Twelve Visions Party is the anti-politics based on unbelievably competitive business dynamics.

Many people have a natural aversion to politics.  This is because of the uncompetitive corrupt dynamics that power usurping politicians have always operated under.   The economic “problems” that America now faces are, pure and simple, the result of the abuse of power by noncompetitive politicians; not hard working honest business men.    Apathy and indifference to politics fades upon the realization that the Twelve Visions Party is tirelessly working to depoliticize America and keep the parasitical value-destroyers out of power forever.   For several years, my dislike of politics stemmed from my disgust of politicians, and translated into a loss of interest in many things in life.  I had lost hope.  Learning about the Twelve Visions Party and their platform of depoliticizing America has re-energized me and replaced hopelessness with joy and optimism for the future.    The Twelve Visions Party represents the ultimate optimism; that America and her citizens can become who we were always meant to be.

A Twelve Visions Party President would be the first President in history to go into office and immediately slash his own base of power.  He or She would not operate under the old dynamics of making campaign promises in order to buy votes.   A TVP President would be guided by the indivisible and incorruptible Prime Law.  The Prime Law is beautiful in its simplicity and rationality.  I’ll have it hanging up in my living room soon. Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party officers are kindred spirits to the freedom fighting patriots of the American Revolution.  With his TVP he has gone back to the fundamental ideals that the United States was founded upon and made further integrations with the Prime Law.  In other words, after all the corruption and dishonesty of the last two centuries, he has gotten it right!  Congratulations Mark Hamilton for forming the world’s first fully integrated Party in the Twelve Visions Party ! Thank You Mark Hamilton for being who you are! Thank for your courage in doing what is right and necessary in the face of what you know will be profoundly dishonest and vicious attacks from the parasitical classes. They will inevitably be defeated by the profoundly honest and rational Twelve Visions Party.

Sincerely, Jeremy C (Atlanta, Ga)