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Mark Hamilton’s value is that of life energy’s existence, fulfillment, discovery, advancements and sustenance through the enlightenment of ones self consciousness. If it hadn’t been for his values I would have still been on my path, but to where? An unfulfilled life of wealth without direction or guidance of using attained financial abundance to create complete self worth. I am afraid that is the dark and shadowy naive wasteful path I would have embarked upon. A path that though successful, would leave behind various types of destruction to others, but more importantly ones self. Fortunately for us both, the connection was made between me and the Neothink Society allowing Mark Hamilton to nurture me to a clearer understanding of utilizing my value for our life and existence, then in turn contributing a greater value for all through the Neothink Society.
Before Mark Hamilton I lived a life of attempted total fulfillment in the presence of guilt because of the self love I attempted through selflessness and an illusion of healthy endurance struggling. At that time I accepted the clutter in reality that blocks so many from ever reaching the point to “LIVE”, believing that actual living was about paying dues with a sweet old age vacation after all was paid. In my world I had paid so many dues that I believed I deserve some stock from having to live such a long life of endured unfulfilled struggling. Living such a life increased my greed and lowered my esteem towards making money.
Once being made aware of Mark Hamilton through the Neothink Society I began to utilize all of his information through his literature and movements causing the felt burden of my existence to be willfully made null in my life. Without all of Mark Hamilton’s values the human life’s energy will be capped forcefully by the limitations of fulfillment placed on society by Politicians, their Enforcement Agencies and Religious Leaders. Without such great value in our society as that of the Neothink Society and The Twelve visions party advancement and evolution of our true being would be deceptively lead to the slaughter…literally!
For me, and I also speak for those unaware, Mark Hamilton’s Neothink is a value we cannot and will not flourish without.

Jason O. H