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This is a thank you note to Mr. Hamilton and others involved in the Neothink Society and the TVP,

I would like to thank all involved in the marketing and the publishing of the Neothink material and the founding of the Twelve Visions Party.  The direction the politicians have taken is leading, and in many cases has already lead, this country into very dangerous territory where we are likely to lose our freedoms (the ones we have left that is).  It seems America is not the concern for these people, their positions, their power, their greed, has taken over any thoughts of what is best for our country.

Neothink and the TVP is a wonderful breath of fresh air, and something that brings hope back to us.  I think about our founding fathers and all the things they warned us about in their writings.  There are many, many dangerous things to a country but apparently the most dangerous of all is when the government of that country itself becomes too powerful…they don’t serve the country any longer, they don’t serve the citizens of the country, they use the country and the citizens to serve them.  This is not America.  The TVP wants to keep all of the good things about this country and its founding fathers dreams….and forever end the self-serving power mad career politicians that have practically destroyed us…

It’s worth looking at, listening to, and thinking about.  I for one really dream about the day when the country and its people come first, when individual freedom is the one thing that we will never lose.  Can you imagine how that would feel?  I know it’s difficult right now to even imagine that kind of freedom because we have lost most of it over the years….we can have it back…

Think about it, dream about it, we can have it if we really want it!

David W.   Texas